One person can make a difference, and she already did.

5 Apr

About six months ago I came up with a spectacular idea. Over the past five and a half years I have somehow collected 13 strollers. That’s right, 13 ways to stroll around 3 tiny little tushies. One of those tushies no longer needs a lift and I pretty much have no need for a single stroller at all anymore. I imagined taking all these gently used strollers and giving them to some Mommies who would really appreciate them. I would then hit up all my friends for their strollers and BAM! A Beverly Hills Bugaboo bonanza! A solid gold idea if I ever had one. I would form my own non-profit group and one of my dreams of being a Mommy and making a difference would be realized. I started to get excited, and dove head first into my research. Then, there it was,  Apparently there is another genius Mommy on the block. Jessica Seinfeld, aka Jerry’s wife, started the group in 2001. They provide donated essential items such as cribs, strollers, and highchairs to families in need. To date, babybuggy has provided over 5.4 million items. I’ll give this one to you Jessica because you’ve done good girl. But, I will find a way to make a difference dammit I will!

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