How is this night different from other nights?

7 Apr

Last night we celebrated the first night of Passover at my house. Before you get all proud of me and everything, I should disclose that I didn’t cook anything. My Grandma, Mom, Mother-in-law, and sister did all the food related duties and I stuck with setting up the table, chairs and Seder plate. Considering I’ve had little TR attached to me like a velcro Koala that”s about all I can handle. It’s as if she can sense that a part of me is planning my get away, she’s holding on in case I bolt at any minute. I told everyone to arrive promptly at 5pm. At 6pm, my sister and I were looking at each other nodding our heads. Typical. Jewish standard time had got the best of all my guests. Unfortunately, those cute little angels that they want to see so badly will be turning into monsters right around 7pm. So, if they want to experience the cuteness instead of the darkness, take note for next year, arrive on time. Aside from the few minor glitches, like when my husband decided to add his own part to the seder and showed a scene from the movie The Prince of Egypt on his iPad. Wrong on so many levels, but that’s another post entirely. Or, when it finally clicked in HB’s mind that indeed she was the first born child, and she insisted we mark the front door with blood like they did in those days so she doesn’t get killed. She spent the night at Grandma’s house last night to ensure her safety, no joke. All in all, the night went well, we remembered our ancestors that were enslaved in Egypt. We gathered together as a family at one table and once again I managed to traumatize at least one of my children. Mission accomplished.


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