Welcome to Twin Town!

9 Apr

Two years ago today I went from being a mother of 1 child to a mother of 3 in a matter of minutes. My twin babies, T and J were born. I have found that people are always interested in the stats. The truth is, I can’t remember. She was around 4 pounds and he was around 5 pounds. I’m not really a numbers person. I can’t tell you what time they were born, or how long I was in labor for. I guess you could call me a feelings person. I remember the way I felt when I first held them. I remember what the first few few months felt like, (terrifying) As far as telling you how old they were the first time they crawled, walked and talked, it beats me. It’s not that I don’t care, I do, deeply. It’s just that I trust the experts to tell me at their check-ups how they are doing and my gut instincts to lead me through the rest. How many weeks pregnant was I at our first ultrasound when our Doctor told us that we had two sacs, what twins?!?! but only one heartbeat? No idea. What I remember is that she told me it was disappearing twin syndrome and that Baby B was not going to become a baby. She said there was a very small chance that if we came back in a few weeks, there might be a second heartbeat. I left that office wanting both babies more than I had ever wanted anything in my life. It’s funny, because it took me over 2 years to decide if I could handle even having one more after the wrath of baby HB. Here I was bargaining with G-D to let me have both. When I went back 2 or was it 3 weeks later for another ultrasound, there it was. A strong loud heartbeat from Baby B, my little girl T, and another heartbeat from my boy, Baby A. So, if your looking for exact dates and numbers I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong Mom. Raw emotion, irony, and faith that in the end everything works out, I’m your gal.


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