What’s Grosser Than Gross?

11 Apr

There are some products for children that are just disgusting. Now if I’m saying that they are gross, then they must be pretty nasty. I’ve sat through an entire Pediatrician’s appointment covered head to toe in vomit without batting an eyelash. I toured the Huntington Library smeared in baby diarrhea, while wearing a Baby Bjorn and it was 102 degrees. Ok, you get the point. That should give you some clue that I’m no wuss. My list of nasty children’s products:

1. Nosefrida – The snot sucker nasal aspirator. You use your mouth to suck the snot out. It is a top seller on Amazon, no joke.

2. The Travel Potette – A trash bag attached to a plastic ring for your child to poop in. I had one in my trunk for a year when HB was first potty trained. I forgot to throw the bag out once. That is until I smelled something terrible coming from the trunk…

3. Diaper Cakes – A tower of diapers artfully placed together to resemble a tiered cake. Items that are going to hold loads of crap should not be disguised as edible cake. Just saying.


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