35 isn’t the new 25 and that’s ok!

13 Apr

Do not Patronize me about my age. Do not wink at me and ask me if it’s the big 2-1 B-day. You and I both know I said adios to my 20’s and hello to my 30’s already. Do not ask me if my 5 year old is my niece, because I don’t look old enough to have a kid. It only makes me feel old when I know I am old enough for someone to try and make me feel young. The waiter who brought out my birthday dessert at dinner, asked me if it was my 25th birthday. Listen buddy, my husband is going to tip you whether you blow sunshine up my @** or not, so quit while your ahead. I am a realist and I want people to be real. I’m not saying I want strangers to tell me that I look fat in my jeans on any given day, but I don’t like blatant B.S. I’m 35 years old, I have 3 little kids and I’m very tired. So, cut the crap, give me a hug and simply wish me a Happy Birthday!

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