Message Board Mania

14 Apr

Every so often I visit message boards online. My intention always starts out good, but it always ends up the same. I creep around the boards judging these people, either about how stupid they are or about how bad they are messing up their kids. I know, I’m evil. The following are some actual messages that were on the boards tonight:

My husband has a girlfriend, should I leave him?

My son is 4 years old and isn’t talking, should I tell someone?

Doctor cut my baby’s face during C-section, was he drunk?

Is it ok to use hand sanitizer on my newborn?

Pop Tarts and Capri Sun’s for Dinner, ok?

My In-laws are making fun of my toddler to his face, what should I do?

These people are lucky that I don’t actually sign in and respond to their questions. These people are super duper lucky that I don’t come to their homes and slap some sense into them. I have definitely gone past the daily TV limit many times over and I have given my kid a cracker off the ground more than once. But c’mon ladies! I would take every single toy that 4 year old owns and put them in a huge dumpster, then threaten to light it on fire. I would give him 30 seconds to talk. If he doesn’t talk, then he needs speech therapy and you should feel really bad for not doing anything earlier. As for the in-laws that are bullying a toddler?! Just show up at your Mother-in-law’s weekly card game/hair appt/church group and let them all know what Grammy’s been saying to little Junior.

I have really got to stay off those damn message boards. 


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