Couldn’t you just say ‘mazel tov’ and sit down?!

17 Apr

At my wedding in July 2005 my father gave a breathtaking speech. I’m not exactly sure what he said word for word but I know the impression he left. His message to me and my brand new husband was that the nazis decimated over six million of our people and it was my job to repopulate the Jewish community. He was not joking, and everyone in that hot pink ballroom knew it. It may have been 2005 and I may have met my husband online, but we might as well have been on the shtetl trading cows for my hand in marriage.

There is a part of me that knows he’s right. I have a gift, a talent, I can make babies. I can’t biologically or physically deny it. There is another part of me that wants to scream at anyone who puts that assumption or pressure on me. Of course, here I am 7 years later with 3 little bundles of offspring. I can’t say I had kids for the sole purpose of replenishing the Jewish population, but I am glad that for my Dad, the child of Holocaust survivors, he feels that I met my quota.


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