Art class for dummies

18 Apr

T and J just had their first art class. It’s at the local rec center and it’s called ‘A is for Art.’ It should be called ‘A is for are you frickin’ kidding me?’ What exactly was I thinking when I signed up to take my two 2 year olds into a room full of paint, glue and buckets of water? J managed to eat paint and Play-Doh in the first 10 minutes. T was thrilled when she saw that every student got one place setting to paint, and then proceeded to paint hers and everyone else’s. The highlight for me was when we were told that we got to take our wet paintings and glue creations home with us. So, let me get this straight, I have to get two toddlers who like to bolt at moving vehicles, two wet paintings and two wet glue clumps to the car by myself?

A is for Awesome.


Feel my pain?

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