Lasik and Lipo: full price or bust

19 Apr

I got an email today offering an 80% discount on Lasik surgery. I don’t know about you but there are certain things I insist on paying full price for. Another procedure I would pay every pretty penny for: Liposuction. I recently received a coupon in the mail for a tummy tuck/lipo special. If the surgeon feels he’s not getting his full rate will he do a half rate job? Same with Botox, if it’s super cheap, am I going to find out later that it was not in fact Botox? I don’t mind a pre-sale at Bloomingdales or a discounted iPad, they don’t have feelings or get injected into my face.

Other non negotiables:

  • My Ob/Gyn- Nobody deserves full pay more than her.
  • My anesthesiologist- He actually should be overpaid just for giving me epidurals.
  • My babysitter- If she feels that I don’t value her, why should she value my children?
  • Baby proofing- Faulty electrical outlet covers, enough said.


What are your full price non-negotiables?

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