What do you mean we don’t get the pink stuff?!

25 Apr

After handing him the fifth unacceptable sippy cup of the morning, I decided that something must be physically wrong with my 2 year old son JH. The tantrums and endless grunting demands have become painful for me. I’m assuming they have become equally daunting for my neighbors and fellow park-goers. Something must really be bothering him to cause him to act like the exorcist. I decided it must be the ears. The twins are prone to ear infections, so even though he showed no signs of ear pulling or a snotty nose, he MUST have an ear infection. A super bad double one. We showed up at our appointment and we weren’t seeing our usual doctor, we had another doctor in the practice who is the mother of toddler twins. The second she walked into the room it was as if total clarity overcame me. I knew what was about to happen.

“So, the nurse told me he has no physical symptoms, is that right?” I nodded. “You brought him in for tantrums and refusing to sleep, is that right?” I nodded. I decided to just lay it all out there: “I need you to find something physically wrong with him that is treatable with medication. I cannot take another year of this.” We smiled at each other as only mothers of 2 year olds do. She checked the first ear… All clear. I assured her that it would be the next ear that was horribly infected… All clear. Check his teeth, it might be his molars, YES, check his teeth. Nothing. She felt his tummy, listened to his lungs and checked all his extremities. “What you have here is a perfectly healthy 2 year old.” She smirked. “Check him again.” I begged.

It’s official, we have entered the Terrible Twos! I even have a Doctor’s bill to prove it. In the elevator on the way down he threw himself on the ground because I wouldn’t let him hit the alarm button. I explained to everyone in the elevator that we had just come from the Doctor’s office, terrible ear infection.


Let me know I’m not alone!

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