You’re sliding solo ’cause Mommy’s a no-go

26 Apr

Because taking 3 kids to the park alone isn’t scary enough…

This New York Times article came out a few days ago about the horrific hidden dangers of slides at playgrounds. Apparently the worst thing you can do is go down a slide with your kids. So, diving towards them as they run in front of moving swings and begging them to back away from 10 foot drops atop the climbing structure aren’t my only concerns. Now I also have to worry about the damn slides. No big deal. Just if you go down the slide with your toddler on your lap you have a good chance of breaking their legs. Awesome.

You are given a choice: pray that they make it down to the bottom of the slide in one piece or go down with them and hope you don’t fracture some mini bones. I don’t even have time to worry about them eating fishy crackers out of the sand or digging through other people’s diaper bags! Now we’re talking bodily harm. Did I mention that sometimes we go to the park twice a day?

If you happen to see three small children on leashes, bound in bubble wrap with helmets on, those would be mine.

Better safe than sorry


Is the park a scary place for you too?

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