Kreation Kale Koncoction

3 May

I have exactly 20 minutes until I have to pick up my Kindergartener and I am famished. I should have eaten something before I left the house, I know. Unfortunately for me I crawled past the kitchen on my hands and knees so the twins wouldn’t see me leaving them with the nanny. Food for Mommy wasn’t an option. I have just enough time for coffee and a muffin or to try the new juice place that opened up on Charleville Blvd. I just need something in my stomach so I don’t faint in front of HB’s school and ruin her reputation for the rest of eternity. Since I’ve already had my coffee for the day another one might just push me into the land of twitching neuroticism, so Kreation Juicery it is.

I walked in and told the tan blue-eyed 25 year old guy behind the counter that I knew nothing about nothing but that I needed to drink something ASAP. He patiently explained all the ready made juices to me. I understood about half of what he said, totally not his fault, it’s just because I’m apparently late to this juicing party that everyone has joined. Everything he was explaining sounded healthy, invigorating, and did I say healthy? Five minutes later I walked out with a bottle of Green #2 Cold Pressed Juice that he said was bursting with enzymes and antioxidants, how could I go wrong with that? I sat in my illegally parked car and drank my Kold Kreation. I have to say, it was pretty darn good. I felt full when I finished it and I was proud of myself because I knew everything I had just put into my body was raw, organic and much better for me than Frozen Yogurt with toppings. My blue-eyed Juicer told me about a Juice Kleanse they offer that will rid my body of toxins and have me feeling clear minded by the end of the process.

Clear minded and toxin free by way of raw juice? I might just have to try that.




Have you ever tried juicing or a cleanse?

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