Chef Boyardee Got Nothin’ On Me

17 May

I don’t cook. It’s not that I can’t cook, I just don’t. It doesn’t come naturally to me to just dash into the market pick up my ingredients come home and whip up a meal. It actually feels quite the opposite to me, foreign, yup cooking feels foreign. I see people in the supermarket with their shopping lists and little bags of vegetables and spices and uncooked meats, I know it can’t be that hard if everyone’s doing it. I guess it’s just not part of my routine and I’m a little frightened of new things. I am also a closet vegetarian and have some sensory issues with food. What does that mean? It means I hate touching chicken/meat/fish of any kind and I feel very guilty when I eat it. The sensory issues, let’s just say, if it’s too mushy, smells weird or just strikes me the wrong way, I ain’t eating it. Those of you who know my oldest daughter HB, are starting to understand where her food “pickyness” comes from right about now.
At this point you must be wondering what it is this family eats if the Mother doesn’t cook? Let’s see, we have Chipotle night, we have Whole Foods chicken night, Trader Joe’s night, Pasta night and Auntie Stacey cooks night. I’ve gotten away with it this long because my husband doesn’t make it home in time for Dinner and my kids are young enough that they don’t really sit down for a big formal meal. Every time I decide that today is the big day to cook dinner, I find myself overwhelmed by the rules and limitations I have. The meal has to be organic, healthy, pork free, easy to make and kid friendly. Next thing I know I’m ling in the fetal position in front of the oven.
All of this being said, I feel the time has come for me to step up to the plate, literally. Not because it’s my duty or listed in my marriage contract, but because I know that it’s healthier and I want my kids to feel at home in the kitchen.
So, I’ve decided that starting on Monday ( I need a few days to get ready) I am going to start operation HCM, Home Cooked Meal. I’m going to figure out what the family will be eating for the entire week and get everything I need to make it happen on Sunday. My starting goal is to cook at least three meals the first week. I plan on conducting interviews at Roxbury Park tomorrow asking other Mom’s what they cook that their kids actually eat. I’m hoping to slowly ease into my apron and before I know it I will be the Rachel Ray of the Westside, hopefully without having to touch any raw meat in the process…

5 Responses to “Chef Boyardee Got Nothin’ On Me”

  1. Megan McClintock May 16, 2012 at 11:06 pm #

    I love your blogs u are quite the interesting and entertaining writer!! U should be getting paid lol seriously! Anyway, I love to cook and I have a few methods to mix it up. First, I’m always paying attention when I go out to eat ( especially when it’s a nice restaurant ) as to whats in the dish and if I get a friendly waiter I joke around and try to see if I can guess the ingredients ( surprisingly I’m usually write on ) !! I have copied a lot of delicious recipes and end up saving some cash by cooking at home;) Also I have bought a lot of cookbooks and try new recipes when I’m in the mood! Trader joes has some great Cookbooks and a lot are vegetarian meals! They also give recipes at the sample area for whatever they are cooking for that day( this could be great cuz your kids could sample first and then u can get an idea for what works! I almost forgot the cooking channel is very inspiring as well! Start slow and try to enjoy yourself! I love cooking with fresh herbs and baking as well…. There is just something about cooking it yourself and the smell of home cooked food that’s amazing!! Good luck!! I live in marina del Rey … We should do a play date sometime :)

  2. Jolie May 17, 2012 at 8:54 pm #

    Start with quesadillas. You can mask a whole world of goodness in between some melted cheese. I’m proud of you.

  3. nberal May 22, 2012 at 10:55 am #

    You need to pull out the crockpot girl!!! Its a miracle worker for me!!! :)

  4. JGP May 23, 2012 at 6:51 pm #

    My favorite meals are the leftovers from a meal a few days earlier…nothing like getting 2 out of the same labor and time put in.

  5. Alex Thore June 2, 2012 at 10:02 pm #

    There are so many great recipes that are vegetarian, kosher, and delicious. Kids will eat what they see you eating. Start with hearty soups like lentil, vegetable, black bean. Then introduce healthy favorites like kale chips pizza.

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