Screaming Children On Leashes

22 May

The twins despise the stroller. They start screaming at the very sight of their stroller. You would think that they were being strapped to metal spikes with the way they scream and thrash. I have to use every ounce of my strength to push each one down and strap them in. Every morning it’s the same thing, as we head for the door to walk their big sister to school, it starts, “No stroller! No stroller! Walk! Walk!” I understand that two year old want to be somewhat independent and they hate being tied down. But, I am not an octopus and therefore I cannot acommodate getting three small children across major intersections safely. I decided that the least painful solution was to drive HB to school and then walk to the Coffee Bean and Park from the school with one of the the twins on a backpack leash. I could try to hold both of their hands the entire walk, it just never works out that way. They don’t want to feel my hands, they want to be big kids and wear a backpack like their big sister. No problemo you want to be a big kid, here’s your backpack, it looks like a plush puppy and it has a leash attached to it. Now start walking.

I’m going to say that the backpack leashes are a fantastic idea in theory. The problem is when a kid wants to run across a street they don’t wait for the slack in the leash to catch up. When they run and Mommy doesn’t follow they are snapped back like a rubber band. I reserve my right to try the backpack again in the future. If it’s going to possibly keep one of my children safe then I’m all for it. If someone has a problem with it then they can come to my house and  get all of the kids to HB’s school on time and in one piece everyday. There are even clubs and T-shirts against having kids wear the backpacks. Are you frickin’ kidding me? I’m not making them crawl on all fours, bark and drink out of doggy bowls! I’m trying to keep them from being obliterated on Beverly Drive. I guess I just can’t win.

As if everybody in the neighborhood didn’t already know the woman with the screaming children, now I’m the woman with the screaming children on leashes. Awesome.


Would you still hang out with me if my kids were on a leash? Tell the truth…

5 Responses to “Screaming Children On Leashes”

  1. Tamar Seff May 22, 2012 at 10:12 am #

    There is a type-o on the t-shirt. If these people go so far as to print a shirt, put the apostrophe in “child’s.”

    I say keep your kids in one piece.


  2. nberal May 22, 2012 at 10:45 am #

    I always feel that a parent should do what is right for them and their children’s safety. Once again there will ALWAYS be people judging what you do or don’t do with your children. Its not like you are abusing your child, you are doing it for their safety. Some people have only one child and use the leash. And they do it so they can safely allow their child to be “independent” and walk. Not everyone is super fast and can run after their child all day long along busy streets or even in the mall. I say, do what you need to do and don’t listen to the others around you”.

  3. Becky May 23, 2012 at 12:40 pm #

    Wear the T-shirt while you walk em! If people ask just say you don’t agree with it, but your kids prefer it.

  4. JGP May 23, 2012 at 6:56 pm #

    Safety is the most important thing. I dealt with the same problems you are having by using a leash, and not the cute kind that you see around now adays.. I decided I would rather be criticized by people who didn’t understand about having to deal with a dare devil child than risk my child getting hurt. Do what you need to do.

  5. calibamamom June 13, 2012 at 10:29 am #

    Clearly, the people who started the clubs and printed the shirts, don’t have multiple children. I agree that safety trumps everything else, and a mama’s gotta do what works for her :-)

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