Denial and Avoidance, Works For Me!

23 May

I think surviving Motherhood takes a certain amount of denial and avoidance. Last night was a prime example of how I deny and avoid when it comes to my children. My friend M.O. was over visiting the kids and I when she looked at TR’s foot and said, “What is up with the bottom T’s foot?” I looked at her foot and lo and behold she had what appeared to be multiple thorns and or splinters of some kind in her tiny little mini foot. What was my reaction? Did I say let’s get her to a Doctor immediately, let’s call my husband for back-up, let’s help this poor child?! My first reaction was, “She’ll be fine I’m sure it’s just another ouchie, ok, bath time!” My friend M.O. who doesn’t have any children of her own yet had to look me in the eyes and give me a What The F—  look and straight up said to me, “Your two year old has a foreign object in her skin it’s going to get infected if you don’t do something right now.” Yup, another mother of the year moment for Leslie. All I was thinking was these kids need to finish dinner, get a bath, get in their pajamas, drink their milk, brush their teeth, read stories, and be put down. I didn’t have time tonight for a strange object lodged in my baby’s foot that could become a festering wound.

Within 20 minutes M.O.’s Dad, the Mitzvah Man himself, Dr. Orwasher, a well known Beverly Hills Podiatrist, was knocking at my front door to inspect TR’s foot. My girl promptly sat down right in front of Dr. Orwasher before he could even make it all the way in the front door, ripped off her socks and said to him, OUCHIE. After a quick exam in my playroom it was confirmed that we had to head into the office so Dr. O could remove whatever was in T.R’s foot. At this point I had a flashback of  the day before- I saw her coming from the backyard barefoot, where we have thorns, wood chips and other dreadful things which coincidentally is all being removed this week. I immediately put her shoes back on when I saw her bare feet, but I didn’t check to see if her feet were okay. So here we were at 7pm sitting in Dr.O’s office distracting TR with my IPhone while the Doc worked his magic with a smile on his face and the patience of a Saint. She didn’t cry, not even a peep, all she said after 20 minutes of sitting nicely while having needles poked into her foot was, “All done Missa’s Daddy?”

If left up to me, she would have been sleeping in her crib with thorns in her feet and probably limping before I noticed anything was remotely wrong. Denial and avoidance, it gets me through because some of this parenting stuff is just way too scary to face head on.


Should my Mother of The Year Award be revoked? I dare you to comment and say yes…


4 Responses to “Denial and Avoidance, Works For Me!”

  1. Becky May 23, 2012 at 12:37 pm #

    When bed time is on the horizon I think any mothers judgment would be clouded. It’s like almost getting to the beach to relax and someone points out you forgot your sunscreen. What to do??!!

  2. Jolie May 23, 2012 at 1:39 pm #

    Mine got a splinter in her foot on Saturday. Forgot about it until I read this post. Shes not complaining, so I’m not looking. You’ve got a friend.

  3. JGP May 23, 2012 at 7:02 pm #

    Thank you to M.O and Dr. O…how lucky to have them around helping you. They are very special.

  4. calibamamom June 13, 2012 at 10:20 am #

    Been there, done that. Recently, my in-laws were coming over and I asked my Middle One (she’s 8) to clean up her room before their arrival. She said, “I’m tired.” Since this is her usual, go to excuse when she simply doesn’t want to tidy up her personal disaster area, I said, “Fine. You can go to bed and not visit with them while they are here.” This brought brought about a full-on tantrum complete with waterworks, but nonetheless, I made her crawl in bed, where she stayed for the half-hour visit from my in-laws. When they were gone, she said she was cold, and wrapped herself up in a blanket. It wasn’t cold in the house, so I felt her forehead, and much to my surprise….she was burning up! Took her temp…102.5!!! No other symptoms, just a phantom fever high enough to make her tired and shivery. Talk about feeling like the worst mama ever….I spent the rest of the day snuggled up next to her reading stories and apologizing profusely.

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