A Public Service Announcement

31 May

A reminder to every person on the face of the earth – Never ask a Woman if she’s pregnant. Ever. I don’t care if I hit you in the back with my huge hard 9 month baby bump, don’t ask. Even if my baby kicks you from inside my womb, keep it zipped. There is nothing worse than someone asking if your pregnant when your not. Especially when you haven’t been to the gym all week or done a single sit-up.
I am also new to the flirting patterns of Dads. But, if you find yourself looking for an opening line, do not try, “Are you expecting again?”


Has anyone ever asked you if you were pregnant and you weren’t?

4 Responses to “A Public Service Announcement”

  1. Tamar Seff June 1, 2012 at 8:17 am #

    Has anyone ever asked me if I was pregnant when I was not. Get ready, this is priceless.

    I was at a birthday party for the child of one of my friends from high school. I had really not remained very close w/my high school friends, but they remained a tight knit group.

    I had Sydney with me. She was about 8 mos old and not yet walking, so I had to carry her around on my hip. She was never a waif, so balancing her on my hip, caused me to shift my weight, possibly forgetting my Pilates perfect posture and my belly must have poofed out a bit.

    Anyway, one of the guests at the party (she was never my friend, I actually thought she was pretty trashy in high school), at this point she was the mother of 4 yr old twins, and wearing her size 4 skinny jeans, asked me if I was expecting again. Hello! I am holding MY 8 month old baby. And, unbeknownst to her, I had just lost 20lbs. How could I possibly be visibly pregnant at 8 months post partum?

    I still can’t stand that bitch.

    • 90210mom June 1, 2012 at 8:49 am #

      I don’t even know that woman and I hate her too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jennifer June 2, 2012 at 11:40 pm #

    This happens to me almost weekly. I am not kidding you. At first, I used to run home crying. Lately, it’s become quite amusing to me to see the look on people’s faces when I say that I am not pregnant. They get so embarrassed and I quite enjoy watching them squirm and back out of it – like the time a guy said, “Oh, I must have been thinking of someone else. It was my cousin! Yeah, it’s my cousin who is expecting. Sorry.” Then, there was that one time where this one woman insisted she was correct. She walked up to me one day and said “congratulations.” I said, “for what?” She said, “you are having a baby!” I said that I wasn’t yet she insisted that I was, but maybe didn’t know it. Then, a week later, she saw me carrying my then 3 year old and she said, “See, I knew you had a baby!” SERIOUSLY? Like 3 years ago lady! Whatever. Try insisting to your 6 year old daughter that you are not having a baby. She constantly tells me I look pregnant and just the other day her little bestie at school came up to me and insisted I was having a baby despite me repeatedly telling her I wasn’t. She still insisted. I’ve learned to just let it blow over – that, or hit the gym! Or, on second thought, if I just got pregnant, that would solve the problem for the next 9 months. But, then I’d have 4 kids. Yikes! I think I just have to accept that I carry my weight in my belly and that’s the way I am. But I will never never ask if another woman is pregnant – even if her water breaks right in front of me!

    • 90210mom June 3, 2012 at 9:56 am #

      JR- You are hilarious! We should just look at the little belly as a badge of honor for Mom’s of 3. Xoxo

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