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If They Aren’t Screaming Then They Aren’t Breathing.

29 Jun

Yesterday we almost had our first trip to the Emergency Room. My 2 year old, TR and her twin brother woke up from their naps as usual, except TR wasn’t talking. This kid is always talking and if she’s not talking she’s screaming. I knew she had a cold but it was nothing out of the ordinary, just a runny gunky nose. Then, at lunch she wouldn’t eat. This girl is always eating. Even though she barely registers on the growth chart, the kid can eat. After lunch she seemed fine until I started paying attention to her breathing. She was struggling to breath. Every inhale was short and deliberate.
Of course she wasn’t talking or eating! She was having serious trouble breathing! I grabbed her and ran to the car. I figured I would head for the ER and call the Pediatrician on the way. Thank GOD my nanny was there so I didn’t have to take all 3 with me. As I ran out the door big sister HB casually says to me, I really hope she doesn’t die. I thought, yah, me too.
When I got the doctor’s office on the line they said to just come straight to them. We only live about 5 minutes away from there. Let me tell you, it was the longest drive of my life. I kept looking back at my baby girl as she started to nod off. This cannot be happening!
We finally arrived and I felt a sense of relief as we walked through the door. She was checked quickly and hooked up to a breathing machine with medicine to help her breath.
She was having an asthma attack. Apparently kids can have an attack brought on by a simple cold. It could happen again or it may never happen again. It’s just a wait and see type of situation – every parents worst kind of situation is the let’s just wait and see kind.
Little TR is doing fine now and is proud of the Barney sticker they gave her. I’m fine too. I might start getting grey hair any second and I might need to start taking Xanax on a regular basis, but I’m fine.


P.S. do you tend to freak out in these situations? Or do you remain calm?


Play Dates – When did being a kid become so formal?

28 Jun

When did kids playing together become so formal? It might just be a Beverly Hills thing, but playing with other kids is arranged by the parents around here.

Play dates – the parents designate a specific place and time for the child’s play to commence. kids don’t just ride bikes and skateboards on the sidewalks or cul de sacs.
When I was a kid we just went out the front door, found the other kids on the street and played.

I remember a kid on my street named RJ. He had the coolest dirt bike and he taught me how to ride a skateboard. I ended up breaking my arm crashing that bike into a tree. My Mom was in the house when it happened and I remember lying there on the pavement thinking, I am in soooo much trouble AND how awesome it was that I almost made it over the little ramp with no hands. While I laid there waiting for an adult to come I had to keep myself calm. I couldn’t crumble or panic, I had to keep it together until help arrived. If my Mom had been there supervising it never would have happened. I wouldn’t have been allowed to get on the bike in the first place. Or ride the skateboards, roller skates, and scooters freely. Because the other kids and I were allowed to simply play, I learned lessons that I have carried through my life.

I learned conflict resolution – When there are no adults to mediate kids manage to work things out on their own.
I learned how to stay calm in a painful situation. When your lying in the street with a very broken arm in front of all the kids in the neighborhood, you figure out the deep breathing method pretty quickly.
I learned about sex. The older girls told me about the birds and the bees and in return I told the even younger girls.
I learned how to play while using my imagination. My Mom didn’t set up activities for us, we made the activity happen.

Why has being a kid changed so much? Maybe it’s not as safe as it was in the 80’s and 90’s? Or maybe all of us parents have read too many books and taken too many classes on how to be a parent. It’s not that I want my kids breaking bones, it’s that I think the lessons they learn on their own are the most valuable.


Did you grow up with play dates or did you just play?

Love At First Sight – Spikes and Leopard

27 Jun

I totally and absolutely believe in love at first sight. I found a pair of shoes that encompass everything I ever wanted in a shoe. I originally saw them at Nordstrom at The Grove, my heart actually skipped a beat. I didn’t approach them at first because I feared what hefty number would be on the bottom of the shoe. The price turned out to be, well, pricey. I couldn’t justify spending that amount of money on a shoe that I might only get to wear once or twice. So, I made the mature decision and walked away. I thought about them often. I wondered how it was possible that leopard print pumps with rhinestones and spikes on the heel could be dreamed up by someone other than myself.
I have always loved all things leopard print, I quite possibly was from Jersey in a past life. The spikes, let’s just say High School was an interesting time for me and I developed a love for all things Punk related. I’m pretty sure I momentarily dated a guy who wore a collar with spikes and he called himself Spike.
I let the the shoes go. Just as I no longer wanted leopard wallpaper or a guy named Spike, I moved on past my desire for the shoes.
Yesterday I stopped in to Nordstrom Rack to kill some time before camp pick up. Shoved in a blank box in the corner of the shoe racks in my size, lay MY SHOES! It had been months since I saw them and they were just as heart stopping as the first time I spied them.
I quickly grabbed them and headed for the register. If the fire alarm had gone off at that point I have to be honest, I would not have evacuated without that box. When I got to the counter I told the woman my shoe saga as she rang them up for half the price they were originally. The woman paused, looked me in the eye and said, “These are the very last pair. Sometimes things are just meant to be.”
I agree. Sometimes things are meant to be. Love at first sight is real and shouldn’t be messed with. After all is said and done destiny will guide us to where we belong in the end. I will end up there wearing my new shoes.



Do you believe in destiny?

Peet’s Coffee on Beverly Drive – You Suck.

26 Jun

A week ago my Monday morning playdate and I decided to stray from our usual Coffee Bean and try Peet’s Coffee instead. I know, living on the wild side. Things starting going terribly wrong from the moment we stepped inside: First, my mega double stroller barely fit through the door and slammed into the glass. Everyone in the place turned and glared at us as if we has just interrupted the Bar Exam. Then my friend jammed her son’s arm in the doorway as she’s trying to squeeze in. We should have called it quits at that point but we were determined to make it to the counter. As approaching the counter I heard one cashier say to the other cashier, “Oh boy, get the mop.” so, that’s what it’s come to? people see my kids coming and immediately predict a catastrophe. Then, right on cue the twins start screaming, “Chocolate milk! CHOCOLATE MILK!!!!!” there must be something in those Horizon milk boxes that flips the crazy switch in my children. If I don’t get the little frickin’ straws in fast enough they start acting like I’m cutting off their oxygen flow.
I order my green iced tea (coffee makes me act like I’m on crack) and I proceed to spill it on the floor just as the lady hands it to me. Apparently at Peets they don’t believe in lids. The cashier snaps, “don’t worry, I’ll clean it up!” Gee thanks lady, it’s iced tea not a dead body.

Within the next 30 seconds, everything that could have gone wrong, did –
JH starts squeezing his milk box and pouring all of its contents onto the floor, just as TR starts hysterically screaming, “Out Mommy! Stroller no no out out out!” I then dropped my credit card, and as I bent over to get it smashed the stroller into the counter. At that very moment an employee that looked beyond miserable decided it would be a good time to try to squeeze by my big rig stroller. As I tried to maneuver out of her way (while JH is still spraying milk onto the floor and TR is hollering) I ran over the woman’s foot. This lady starts jumping up and down, does a 360 degree spin and starts screaming, “My foot! My foot!” for God’s sake woman, it was an accident and it’s a stroller not a Hummer. Before, I could apologize she snaps at me, “Don’t worry, I’ll clean the mess up!”
As I turned the stroller around to make a B-line for the exit, I notice that the line is 20 people deep and they are all staring at me and my catastrophe on wheels.
When my girlfriend and I finally made it out of Peet’s alive, we looked at each other and burst into hysterical laughter. The only way that coffee run could have gone worse was if we set off the fire alarm and sprinklers.
To say that Peet’s coffee is not kid friendly would be a huge understatement. Between the snappy employees and gawking patrons, this place might as well put a sign out front that says, KIDS NOT WELCOME HERE, GO TO COFFEE BEAN.
Well Peet’s coffee, guess what? My crazy caravan won’t be back. And I might have to mention to a few people here and there to not patronize Peet’s on Beverly Drive. Either that or I’ll invite every set of twins I know to meet me at Peet’s for breakfast every morning this week.


Should I boycott Peet’s? or tell everyone with little kids to start hanging out there?

Flying With Kids – aka Torture In The Sky

25 Jun

My 2 year old twins have never been on airplane and I intend to keep it that way. By the time HB was their age she had been to Canada and Hawaii twice. The difference is that I know better this time around. Flying with children is like asking to be tortured. Slowly.
Parents are always suckered into traveling with a baby by friends and family. They claim that it won’t be too bad if you just plan ahead and are prepared. That’s like prepping for a tornado by putting on your seatbelt and covering your eyes. No matter how geared up you are there is nothing that can stop a baby from going ballistic at 30,000 feet. If you think for a second that your fellow air travelers will help you out, think again. When it comes to a screaming infant the skies aren’t so friendly. Half the people on the plane, even those with kids will gladly strap a parachute to your back and eject you baby and all. Every parent has their own tips and tricks, I have tried them all and traveling with a kid still sucks.

When talking air travel the first thing other parents will usually bring up is Benadryl. Some claim that drugging your child is the only way to comfortably fly. What those people fail to mention is that some kids have the opposite reaction and became extremely hyper. You’ll never guess what reaction HB had to the Benadryl on our 6 hour flight when she was 20 months old…

The second thing that well meaning friends will tell you to do is pack lots of snacks. That is a fantastic idea unless of course your child suffers from motion sickness. I learned that HB suffered from this horrid condition after she vomited up what seemed like gallons of fishy crackers at LAX.

The other point always shared is the secret tip about the bulkhead. Guess what? I appreciate the tip but unless the bulkhead has a playground attached to it it’s not going to make that much of a difference.

Now that I have 3 kids my rule for travel is: No airplane until you can carry your own luggage and hold your own barf bag. I’ll stick with road trips for now. I like to know that I can pull over at any time and run screaming like a lunatic from the car without it being a felony.


As always, comments and questions are welcome. Do you dare to travel with your kids?

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