Multiple Personality Disorder – Of The Mother Kind

15 Jun

I might possibly have multiple personalities.

Not in a hearing voices, the devil made me do it kind of way. It’s more like a good versus bad or young versus old, wild versus tame type of thing. The other night I wore a short short dress and high high heels. Probably the shortest shiniest dress I’ve been in since my mid-twenties. I went out, had a few drinks and I felt young, sparkly and free. I wanted to stay out all night and go dancing. I probably would have hopped a flight to Vegas if a plane had been waiting for me.

Yet, exactly 12 hours later, I’m in the kitchen wearing head to toe Lululemon workout gear, making Lunch for my three children. How do these two women co-exist within me? Which one am I really? I don’t want to go out partying with my daughters and end up on the Dr. Phil show. I have no intentions of hiding a flask at AYSO soccer practices. I do want to get all hussied up and go dancing with my friends every once in awhile. I also want to be a good example to my children and live my life to it’s fullest at the same time.  Trying to reconcile the person I was before marriage and children with the Woman I am today is a tricky prospect. I don’t want to exist just for my husband and kids, but I also don’t want to forget what my main job is right now. I guess the only way to find the balance is to try out different things and see what makes me happy, without making the husband and little ones unhappy.

However, if you see me wearing neon daisy dukes and roller skating down Beverly Drive it means I have gone over the deep end and should be stopped immediately.


Is anyone else struggling with this? Anybody figured out the balance yet?

3 Responses to “Multiple Personality Disorder – Of The Mother Kind”

  1. Sleeping Should Be Easy June 16, 2012 at 9:31 am #

    I think the fact that you know when to dress up and when to dress down is key. I don’t think I would find myself dolled up to go clubbing if I were dropping my kid off to school; jeans and a top is fine. But moms can still party it up once in a while! Good for you for not overwhelming yourself with either role; balance is key :)

  2. J LO June 17, 2012 at 10:26 pm #

    Balance is key….and I would love to see you pushing the double stroller in roller skates and neon daisy dukes down Beverly Dr. I may even join you.

  3. Becky June 22, 2012 at 12:22 pm #

    Love!! There is nothing wrong with mommy having mommy time. It’s so important to find something that you can lose yourself into so that you can have somewhat of a recharge afterwards. If it’s going out dancing, that’s awesome!! Women do it in a dance studio with other women. Why not do it all glammed up with your friends? You aren’t going to bring a dude home. It’s purely recreational! And if there is alcohol involved, that’s a total plus!

    Kids need mommy, husband needs wife and occasional wild woman, you need you. So do what you gotta do to be you!!

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