The Blues Clues – Tequila, Cupcakes and a Brother.

8 Jul

I woke up today feeling blue. When your a Mother with three small children, feeling down doesn’t really work that well. I can’t just check out and stay in bed all day singing the blues. I imagined myself explaining to the children that Mommy is having an off day so if they could just take care of themselves that would be great. Being their Mommy means my feelings come after their feelings. My needs must come after their needs. It means that I better put on my happy face and get my ass out of my funk because I can’t hire a replacement Mama for the day.

BUT – Today was my lucky day. After explaining my emotionally and hopefully temporary fragile state, My amazingly understanding (or fearful) husband said he would take the kids for the day. So that I could just be. After shipping them all off for a swim day, I called my brother.

Within the hour I was at El Torito Grill doing a tequila shot and having a second Mojito while the sun was still up. My brother is 7 years younger than I am, is a definite bachelor, with no kids that we are aware of. Therefore, he is not usually my go to person for emotional support.
Today he knew exactly what I needed. After our drinks we headed to Crumbs Bakery for therapeutic cupcakes. We strolled down Rodeo Drive, window shopped and tourist watched. Some drinks, a cupcake and a pep talk from my brother did the trick. He reminded me that life is all about perspective. In the scheme of things I should be doing cartwheels not moping. After all, I could be a drug addicted child soldier or a prostitute in a third world country.

By the time I returned home to the littles, my fog had lifted. I needed a day to just be sad, be tipsy and eat cupcakes with my little brother. Life seems to be all about perspective….

2 Responses to “The Blues Clues – Tequila, Cupcakes and a Brother.”

  1. Jolie July 8, 2012 at 8:40 pm #

    Next time a funk hits please try Sprinkles Ice Cream adjunct down the block from Crumbs. The concept intrigues me.

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