Brawling On Beverly

10 Jul

You would think that since we are paying top dollar to live in Beverly Hills that parking would be free. It is exactly the opposite, parking is insanely pricey and driving in the heart of Beverly Hills is painful. Our main street, Beverly Drive is lined on both sides by metered parking and I would guesstimate that there is about one spot for every 100 cars. At any given time you will find cars circling and circling vying for a golden space. If you are a tourist or new to the area and you don’t understand the rules of the road, you can pretty much forget parking anywhere near your destination. Add to the mix the double decker tourist buses, TMZ vans and newly licensed C230 drivers and you might as well walk if you live within 10 blocks of Beverly Drive.
There are a few unspoken rules around here in the 90210 that I thought might be good to know for any of thinking of visiting our lovely village this Summer
The first rule is, if you didn’t have your blinker on, then you didn’t want the spot. I don’t care how close you were to the spot, or how intently you were eyeing the spot, if your blinker wasn’t on then you aren’t getting the spot.
The second rule is, you cannot physically stand in a parking space to save it for a car. A local resident driving a Range Rover will run you right over, no questions asked.
Third, there is no point in trying to sweet talk the parking enforcement, it won’t work. Everyone in this town has money, every other woman is attractive and every third person is a celebrity. If you get a parking ticket just suck it up to the price of living in Beverly Hills and pay it.
Finally, all is fair in love, war and parking. I have learned that nobody and I mean nobody cares if I have a car full of small children that are starving and screaming. I have had grown men roll down their windows and call me names that I have never even heard before just because I took the parking spot that they wanted. It would not be unusual to enrage someone enough in a space war to return to your car to find your tires slashed.
When in doubt assume you will get a parking ticket, possibly towed and most definitely flipped off. That way you are not surprised when you come to town.


Do you have a crazy parking story? Click on the comments section and share away.


2 Responses to “Brawling On Beverly”

  1. Jolie July 10, 2012 at 5:58 pm #

    Once I got a parking ticket and the person keeping my company shunned me for not telling metermaid that it was my birthday. Said person should have read your blog first.

  2. jp July 10, 2012 at 7:55 pm #

    I was in Beverly Hills yesterday, I drove up to a space right in front of the building that I was going to and in a second it was mine. No one even competing for it or looking at me with daggers. I must confess, it was 6:30 a.m. So here is your magic trick to get a good space…go early.,..very very early !

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