Lucky Lotto Lenses

25 Jul

I woke up feeling blessed this Morning. I realize that I should wake up every morning jumping up and down and thanking GOD for the life that I have, but I don’t. I am befuddled by the people that do. On most days I have to remind myself that I am actually extremely lucky.
As I’m cloroxing the poop off of T.R’s crib after yet another one of her shit storms, it’s hard to see the light. The good news is I never let myself go an entire day without remembering the truth. The truth being that I am blessed and lottery like lucky. I have an amazing husband that displays superhero strength patience with me. I made three healthy children that so far don’t hate me and have not been kicked out of any schools.
I’m working on feeling this way more often. As for now, today is a good day. Shit storms and all.


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