GOD and Chinese Water Torture

2 Aug

This morning my 5 and a half year old daughter woke me up at 6am. She tapped me on the forehead about 10 times, Chinese water torture style and stated that she had had some questions. I couldn’t wait to hear this.

“If GOD created everything, then who created GOD?” and “Why doesn’t GOD just give food to people who are hungry, can’t he just make more?”

Really, 6am and this is what she hits me with? I thought this was the reason we sent her to Sunday School. She was supposed to figure these things out with the professionals.
How can I answer her when I have the same questions? I don’t have the luxury of sitting around in deep thought anymore. The glorious days of College debates about politics, religion and philosophy are long over. I rarely stop to think about life’s big quandaries anymore. Yet at moments like this, at 6am, looking at those big green eyes, I wish I had an answer for her.
My kids think I know everything. They truly believe that I have all the answers. They look to me to figure out who they are in this big world. The scary thing is that I’m still trying to figure out who I am in this big world.
Maybe I should go back to Sunday school….


What do YOU do about GOD questions from your kids if you have no idea what the answer is???


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