Six Going On Sixteen Is Still Only Six

6 Aug

I’ve been a little weepy today. Not that it takes that much to make me cry. I cry (sob) in all sad movies. I cry occassionally in the middle of the night when I rock my babies. I have cried watching a stunning sunset. Today I cried in a Party City parking lot. Not because it was a particularly inspirational parking lot, but because I had just bought plates and banners and tiaras and all the fluff that goes along with a 6 year old birthday party.

My HB turns 6 on Friday and for some reason it feels different than all the other Birthdays. She feels like a big kid, an almost first grader, definitely not my baby anymore. As I watch her style her own hair in the morning and plan her outfit for the day, I just can’t believe that it was only six years ago that she was a horrifically difficult newborn. HB and I were definitely not a story of love at first sight. In fact, it took me quite a while to get used to her. It took me a good six months to accept that she was mine and that she was here for the long haul. I was terrified that I would mess her up or even worse.

I listen to her explain to her little brother and sister that if they sit nicely then they will get their strawberries faster. I see her hold her sister’s hand when they walk downstairs just to make sure she’s safe. I listen to her read entire chapter books out loud to me every night. She requests her favorite songs as soon as we hit the car and not surprisingly, my daughter likes her non-kid music LOUD.

I haven’t messed her up. I’ve actually done a pretty good job. So far. If we can just make it through the teen years unscathed then I will really feel like I’ve done my duty.

People always comment that she seems like she’s almost 6 going on 16. The truth is, she still sneaks in my room almost every night around 2am and cuddles up with me. That’s how I know that even though it took us awhile to fall in love with each other, we eventually did. It also reminds me that no matter how much lip gloss she puts on, she is still only 6.


Did you love you baby at first sight?


One Response to “Six Going On Sixteen Is Still Only Six”

  1. nberal August 6, 2012 at 6:22 pm #

    omg, I’m now balling my eyes out. Time is flying waaaay too fast! She is and always has been such a doll. We love her and wish her a very Happy Birthday!!! xoxo

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