I Love You, I Hate You, Now Take My Picture!

13 Aug

Paparazzi are an interesting phenomenon.
As a typical Beverly Hills resident trying to get normal everyday things done, they are occasionally a pain in my ass. There are definitely thrills and perks to living in a town full of celebrities. Hordes of photographers blocking the sidewalk and scaring my kids is not one of them. It can be fun to stand in line at Coffee Bean with Heidi Klum or hang at the park with Gwen Stefani. Almost getting run over by tourist filled double-decker TMZ tour buses, not so fun.
Celebrities absolutely realize that they depend on these photographers for their livelihood. They need them to take their picture, publish it in a gossip magazine and keep that celeb in the public eye for another day. Every star knows that there are a million people waiting to take their place on the cover of the magazines and the second the Paps stop taking your picture, you are done. Despite this reality, the typical Hollywood A or B-lister runs from the Paparazzi as If they were wild dogs. Most of these guys are pretty friendly if they aren’t actively taking someone’s picture. I’ve had incidents where they have helped me lift my stroller into my trunk or hand me my coffee when my hands are full of kids.
But the moment they smell celebrity blood, the niceties go out the window. These vampires would knock my stroller into oncoming traffic trying to grab their photo op. I’m not just talking a shot of Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston. I’m talking trampling small children to get a picture of Tara Reid or Kathy Griffin.
It’s a game. The celebrities need their picture taken, but they run away and create a frenzy. the photographers know that in the end the person will give them at least one good printable shot. The locals pretend that we don’t see the 5 guys standing on the sidewalk with cameras pointing at us. We obviously see them and the kids most definitely spot them. By 3 years old HB knew that the group of strangers pointing cameras at her were just waiting for the actress coming out of the store right behind her.
For the most part, you get used to it. I ignore the celebrities, the Paparazzi and everything else that comes along with it.
Unless of course, Mark Ruffalo gets in line next to me at Coffee Bean, that’s a whole different story.


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