Boys, Bras and Panties

31 Aug

Sometimes I forget that my just turned 6 year old is in fact only 6. Today, Auntie S, HB and I ran into one of her school friends at Froyolife. The two little Yentas immediately grabbed hands and started talking about boys. BOYS. Six years on this earth and they have already discovered the fun in eating Frozen Yogurt and gossiping about boys.
Next, the subject matter turned to Auntie and I. The girls were whispering and staring intensely at us and giggling. We could only imagine what those little mouths were saying.

When the three of us got back to the car, HB said, “So do you guys want to know what we were saying about you back there?” Why yes my dear, I sure do. We were talking about what kind of bra’s and underwear you both wear.

Auntie and I stared at each other blankly. “Ok, so what kind do we wear?” I braced myself for her response.

“Auntie wears tiny half underwear, it’s not whole underwear. Mommy your underwear is kinda half and your bra’s are really big and Auntie’s are flat.” I can just picture her walking into Victoria’s Secret and giving these descriptions to the saleslady. I guess in theory, she’s not really that far off. Considering her Auntie, my sister is a former swimsuit model, her underwear is pretty frickin’ half if you ask me.

Remember this all stemmed from a discussion little HB had with a girlfriend in the yogurt shop. Boys, bras and panties. Next thing you know she will want a Justin Bieber poster above her bed.  As soon as she turns 12 I’m leaving town.


Do you get the whole Justin Bieber thing? I like the song Boyfriend, as long as I picture an actual adult Male singing it. But that’s as far as my Bieber fever goes. As always, comments warmly welcomed :)

One Response to “Boys, Bras and Panties”

  1. spilest September 15, 2012 at 8:36 am #

    Where did you first hear the song Boyfriend? :))))

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