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There Must Be Lots Of Unemployed Party Clowns

30 Sep

I’m not sure why I am still shocked when I show up to a 3 year old’s birthday party and see an open bar and a DJ at 3pm. I’ve been to enough of these events to know that when you can see the satellite sized party balloons from Sunset Blvd., there is not going to be any pin the tail on the donkey going on.
I’m not going to lie, I appreciate the valet parking. Schlepping a gift and kids while trying to look semi pulled together is a lot easier when you don’t have to hike in heels and a sundress.
I should be used to the cotton candy machines, green screens, and professional photographers by now. I mean your kid only turns 1, 2, or especially 3 once!
Yet every time I find myself thinking, “Holy shit, is that a photo booth over there?” while I shove all my kids in for our awesome photo op. This weekend I found myself in a scuffle with an 8 year old for my spot in line to get my palm read.
What does she need her palm read for anyways? I can tell her her future, she lives in Beverly Hills, her Dad is a Plastic Surgeon and her Mom is a former Super Model, she’s going to be just fine.
At the last party I went to, instead of a sweet CD with all the kid’s favorite songs on it, we were given personalized T-shirts and matching hats. The question is, what is this kid going to expect at his Bar Mitzvah or Sweet Sixteen? The even better question is what are my kids going to say when they are old enough to realize that putting the bounce house up in our backyard and having pizza and cake is not the coolest thing in town?

A friend of mine told me once, don’t give your kid too much money from the “tooth fairy” when she loses her first tooth. You just fuck it up for the rest of us. Maybe the same theory applies for birthday parties.



Comments, questions, I love them both!

No, I will not be rushing a Sorority.

14 Sep

I am officially a UCLA student. It took a long hot Summer with the kids to realize my new direction. I was offered a grant to continue my education and I’m jumping on it as if it was a plane ticket to Paris. With all 3 kids in school part time and a sister who’s a Saint, I actually have a minute to follow this dream.

I have been working on writing a book, well actually several books since I was 5 years old. I think it’s time that I finished writing one of them. I will be taking classes for writers taught by published authors that will hopefully scoot me along in my process.

I started this blog as an outlet and I have loved sharing my stories with all of you. I still plan on writing here frequently just not everyday like I had originally planned.I’m a student now and homework comes first. Well that and being a mommy to 3 adorably mischievous children.

I promise to keep you all posted and if you need to find me, I’ll be the newest participant in the laptop staring contests taking place daily at Coffee Bean on SoBev.



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