Don’t Look At Me While I’m Looking At You Look At Me – Rules For The Gym

4 Oct

There are some rules in the world that are totally unspoken and yet still very important.

The Gym is one of those places that you can commit major faux pas faster than you can sneeze.

It would really make everyone’s life a lot easier if the sacred Gym laws were just plastered at the entrance. It would really save everyone a tremendous amount of frustration and possible embarrassment.

1. If you know you will be sweating profusely, grab a little towel at one of the many towel stations scattered throughout the facility. It is not acceptable to get another person wet with juice from your glands unless you are blood related or intimately involved with said person.
2. If you are a professional dancer and your in the front of the class in Zumba, try to take it down a notch. You make the rest of us feel like morons.
3. If there is more than a 30 year age difference between you and your object of affection, don’t act on it. It’s awkward for everybody involved.
4. Don’t use physical force to get the weights or body bar you want to use for class. Chances are you will see that person again at a fundraiser or PTA meeting and you will be embarrassed that you shoved them to get to a 8lb weight.
5. Singing louder than the blasting music in class is frowned upon. Chances are you do not have a better voice than the artist singing, so zip it and focus on your breathing.
6. If you want to get to know someone better or introduce yourself, that moment in the locker room when you drop your towel and slip into your underwear is not the time to do it. I don’t care how comfortable you are with your body, nobody wants to be putting one leg into a pair of panties as you hear a stranger saying, “Hi, aren’t you that Mommy Blogger?”


Did I forget any gym rules? What would you add to the list?


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