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If Everyone Hates Your Kid, I Bet There Is A Reason.

29 Nov

Self Awareness. I tend to analyze situations and my behavior over and over again until my brain hurts. I really believe in living the well examined life.

Then, of course there are those people that have no idea whether they are coming or going and have no desire to.

Like the Mom at the playground who’s little boy is beating the crap out of all the other kids in the sandbox. She looks at me and says, “Boys will be boys.” With a half smile and and a sigh. No lady, boys will not be boys. Your kid is acting inappropriately. Get over there, pull him out of the sandbox and tell him to stop hitting or your taking him home. This is the same Mom who years later will be dumbfounded when her son is suspended from Kindergarten for kicking his teacher and classmates repeatedly.

The Facebook friend who is devastated when she keeps getting unfriended and blocked by people for no reason at all. All she does is offer unsolicited advice, make negative comments, and announce personal information all over Facebook. There must be something deeply wrong with those horrible people who unfriended her.

And of course there’s the person who can do everything better than you can. She can tell you how to cook, clean, work, write, dress, decorate, shop and raise your kids all in a single sentence. The best part is when you don’t embrace her advice with open arms she assumes there must be something very wrong with you. Ignoring such a wealth of information like that is a real pity after all.
Self Awareness. How does that old saying go? When you point the finger, two are pointing right back at you…



Writer’s Block – A Terrible Place To Live

27 Nov

I like to consider myself a recreational writer on most days. On some days I actually call myself a real live writer. Today, I wouldn’t call myself a writer in any way, shape or form. I showed up to my writing class at UCLA this morning feeling pretty spiffy that I had a solid introduction written to my final term paper. As I listened to the assigned readers for today share their latest material, I realized that my work was complete crap.
I had struggled for weeks just trying to decide what my topic was going to be. The assignment was to write an essay about absolutely anything I so desired. The only contingencies were that it had to be non-fiction and a personal essay. Considering the class is titled , Writing Your Healing Story, you can imagine the topics that were being covered. The Death of spouses, parents and children, Cancer, suicide, and unimaginable pain of all kinds.

What the hell was I supposed to write about?

One Woman in class writes about the loss of her Mother so beautifully that I find myself wondering if my children will ever love me as much as she loved her Mom. I can feel her Mother’s warmth. I can feel her profound love for her Mother and I can grasp her pain just by listening to her words. She is an amazing writer. Another writer in class writes about humans rescuing scarred and forgotten animals. In his essays, the true rescue and life renewed takes places in the person’s life because of the animal, not vice versa.

I decided to write about my time that I spent at a boarding school in the mountains of San Bernadino. While it isn’t quite the same as death or disease it was a pretty traumatic time in my life. It took me 5 hours to write my intro. Just my introduction! That is crazy for me. I am a one run writer. I write almost all my posts and essays in one shot, no drafts, no re-writes. Writing is a fast paced and super stream of consciousness process for me. But this topic and this essay is proving to be nothing of the sort. I know it’s a story I want to write, but somehow my words on the page don’t seem to be enough.

I love to write. I love this blog. But for today, I’m thinking maybe I should just stick to being a stay at home Mom to twins plus one…

I’m sure I will change my mind tomorrow, I usually do.



The Things I Am Thankful For – Part 2

22 Nov

Yesterday I wrote about the things I am not thankful for. Today, I’ll tell you a few things I am grateful for.

1. My health – If you don’t have your health, then money and possessions become worthless. Every time I even feel a little sick I remind myself that there are people living with chronic illnesses. They would probably give up everything just to feel healthy.
2. My 3 children – As much as I complain about the filth and exhaustion and vomit. I do realize how amazingly blessed I am to have been able to conceive my kids and have the opportunity to raise them in a safe place surrounded by people who love them.
3. My husband – He is kind, generous, a great father and he still thinks I’m smoking hot after 3 babies and 9 years of looking at me.
4. My Girls – What would I do without my girlfriends? I would probably be very lonely and getting into lots of trouble, if it weren’t for the strong women who guide me, love me and laugh with me.
5. The privilege of living in a country where I am free to choose how many children I want. I am free to choose my own government representatives. My husband and I are free to stay safely at home while American Soldiers defend us. I am free to write this blog and say what I want to say without the risk of punishment.
6. My family – I know that no matter what happens in life, I will never be alone. There will always be a member of the Gluck clan right around the corner….

Happy Thanksgiving!



The Things I Am Not Thankful For – Part 1

21 Nov

I promise that tomorrow I will write a heartfelt post about all the things and people that I am thankful for. I am lucky and blessed beyond belief, but I will save that for the other post. This is not that kind of day, so this is just not that kind of post.

Here are all the things I am not thankful for:

1. Mean Mommies – There is not one reason that I can think of to be mean to another Mother unless she did something to really piss you off. I don’t care what you look like or what kind of day you are having. If you are walking into the school or down the street schlepping your kids and I’m schlepping mine, just smile. You don’t have to strike up a conversation with me, because lord knows I have days when I do not want to discuss anything child related with a stranger. But to mad dog another Mom for no reason should be a punishable offense.

2. The Checkout People at Trader Joe’s – It usually goes a little something like this, “Yes, all these groceries are for my family. No, I am not having a party. Yes, I realize this is the fullest cart you’ve seen all day. No, I don’t need help out with my gigantic heaping filled to the brim cart.” I have a husband, three kids, many siblings and friends that all like to be fed when they are at my house, which is quite often. Just because someone buys three bags of veggie sticks it does not mean they are hosting a Super Bowl/Oscar/Birthday party. Stop asking questions and just scan my stuff, in fact feel free to throw in some chocolate covered edamame for putting up with all the people behind me rolling their eyes.

3. Sephora – That place is just not right. It’s like putting a person a strict diet in the middle of a candy factory before they’ve had their Slim Fast shake. It’s just too much fun in there. All the pretty packages, colors and the beautiful makeup. I don’t even usually wear that much makeup but that store makes me want to. When I walk in I want to put it all on, the creams, the primers, foundations, powders, glosses, potions, perfumes and put a shiny bow on top of my head. I actually avoid going in there because I start to feel panicked at the fact that there is a whole world of beauty that I barely own any stock in. Not to mention the cost. I have never walked out without spending at least 100 bucks on things I definitely can live without.

4. Tarantulas – I just can’t seem to get past my sheer terror at the thought of them. I know God must have had a reason for them, but what could it have been? Besides scaring the crap out of me…

5. My next door neighbor – She hates me. She hates my kids. She wouldn’t say hello to me even if I hand washed her ugly car for her. She asked our nanny why my kids cry and yell so much, and if their was something wrong with them. I said Shabbat Shalom once and I’m pretty sure she growled at me, like literally a dog growl. I realize that it can’t be easy living next to a house full of screaming kids, but we do our best to keep it contained. I don’t open the windows and hang the kids out of them and tell them to scream bloody murder. She’s a Mother and a Grandmother, give a frickin’ break, throw me a bone. How about a wink, maybe she could just wink at me, not even a hello, or a wave would work. Definitely not thankful for my next door neighbor.

Happy Thanksgiving! Be back tomorrow with all the things I AM thankful for!


The Devil Inside (My House)

14 Nov

Does anyone else feel like their 6 year old has been possessed by the devil? Yesterday HB looked as if she had been taken over by the devil himself. She flung herself onto my bed and kicked her legs and shook violently. If she wasn’t my child, and I wasn’t aware of her flare for the dramatic I would have thought she was having a seizure.

I mean you couldn’t blame the poor child after all, I had just told her that she couldn’t download the new Spy kids movie to her iPad. Obviously a conniption fit was in order. There was even a valid excuse, not that I needed one besides that I’m the Mother and I said NO!
Earlier in the day she had decided it would be a good idea to taunt her brother by stealing his tractor that he is obsessed with. When I say obsessed, I mean that the tractor is the big kind that you ride on, it’s bigger than him and he takes it everywhere he goes. It guards the bed when he sleeps, the couch when he sits and is parked at the front door when he leaves. That is the one toy HB chose to steal from him, you can imagine the chaos that followed the theft.
What exactly does one do when you have a screaming, flailing, seemingly seizing six year old on your bed? I honestly had no idea. So I left her there. I went to the kitchen and got a snack. Besides throwing a bucket of cold water on her head, I was fresh out of ideas. She eventually stopped and calmed down.
I’m not sure if this is a sign of things to come over the next few years, but if it is I’ve gotta get out of here, and quick.


Anybody else going through this? Does anyone want HB for a sleepover?


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