If Everyone Hates Your Kid, I Bet There Is A Reason.

29 Nov

Self Awareness. I tend to analyze situations and my behavior over and over again until my brain hurts. I really believe in living the well examined life.

Then, of course there are those people that have no idea whether they are coming or going and have no desire to.

Like the Mom at the playground who’s little boy is beating the crap out of all the other kids in the sandbox. She looks at me and says, “Boys will be boys.” With a half smile and and a sigh. No lady, boys will not be boys. Your kid is acting inappropriately. Get over there, pull him out of the sandbox and tell him to stop hitting or your taking him home. This is the same Mom who years later will be dumbfounded when her son is suspended from Kindergarten for kicking his teacher and classmates repeatedly.

The Facebook friend who is devastated when she keeps getting unfriended and blocked by people for no reason at all. All she does is offer unsolicited advice, make negative comments, and announce personal information all over Facebook. There must be something deeply wrong with those horrible people who unfriended her.

And of course there’s the person who can do everything better than you can. She can tell you how to cook, clean, work, write, dress, decorate, shop and raise your kids all in a single sentence. The best part is when you don’t embrace her advice with open arms she assumes there must be something very wrong with you. Ignoring such a wealth of information like that is a real pity after all.
Self Awareness. How does that old saying go? When you point the finger, two are pointing right back at you…



One Response to “If Everyone Hates Your Kid, I Bet There Is A Reason.”

  1. dsimons1 November 29, 2012 at 3:16 pm #

    Best post yet!!!!

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