Slow Cooker Saga – Continued

9 Jan

For those of you that have been hanging on the edge of your seats waiting to hear how dinner went last night, here’s the story.

My Two and a half year old twins, ate the chicken and rice with no complaints. They left the red and green bell peppers untouched, but hey you can’t win all your battles. I made sure they hadn’t had a snack for at least two hours before dinner and they were good and hungry.
My 6 year old immediately had a nervous breakdown as her sweet and sour chicken accompanied by brown rice was presented to her. I believe her screams were something about me not warning her that the chicken was going to be covered in sauce and have green stuff in it. I didn’t know that sauce required forewarning. Had I known I would have definitely told my drama queen that the chicken would be swimming in it. Then there was some crying, some faux-vomit noises and threats of vomiting from the smell. on the inside I was laughing my head off. She came by it honestly, I tend to have a bit of a sensitivity to food smells. I also have a dash of the drama bug, so she really never stood a chance at being an easygoing wallflower. On the outside, I held my ground, informed her that this was the only dinner she was getting and if she wanted to flip out she could do it in her room. Lo and behold, after 10 minutes, she ate the chicken.
Holy crap! If I set the rules, stick firmly to them and don’t waver my kids might actually listen?!
At the end of the meal I told the kids that the next night we would be having delicious meatloaf, with pasta and broccoli. HB bursts into tears again and says, “Why are you doing this to me? I don’t even know what a meatloaf is!”

I’ll be back tomorrow with meatloaf madness mania.


One Response to “Slow Cooker Saga – Continued”

  1. jp January 10, 2013 at 8:59 am #

    Les wants to know why I am laughing so much. Last week the only thing H. said she would eat for lunch was mac and cheese. I said not again.. Choose something else. She turned down a cheese sandwich, peanut butter, yogurt, tuna, and eggs, They all were deemed inedible choices. So what was I told to do…take her out for a hamburger. I asked what did she have at school at lunch time. She told me cheese, peanut butter etc. but she didn’t eat it. No one can tell if my meat loaf is made of beef or turkey…so I usually use turkey. T. told me she would eat spaghetti and potato. She loves eggs…H. won’t touch them. J. loves anything in what he calls dip…that is maple syrup. H. was even picky about her french fries…they were too thick. After she gave in and ate one she ate more. I didn’t think that was so good because she still wouldn’t eat any of the vegetables. Bravo Mommy !!! Keep up the stories of your success.

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