My Imaginary Magical Nook

22 Apr

I dream of one day having my own little writing spot. Somewhere in the house that is just for me and the little things that make me happy. A cozy daybed maybe or a gigantic overstuffed grandfather chair. Some warm blankets and an unobstructed view of anything that isnt man made. I dont care if its a tree, the ocean, a field, or a swamp. As long as I’m not gazing out at brick, stucco, plastic or fiberglass then it works for me.

I can’t exactly imagine the details of my little nook. The colors are not that clear and the styling isnt precisely one way or another. What is vivid about my imaginary space is the way it feels.
It feels safe and warm, the womb of my home. The place where I can show my stripes and fly my flag without having to think twice. It is my space alone, just me and my words, whatever they may be at that very moment.

There are obviously going to be rules for my writing fantasy spot;

1. No children allowed.
2. No exceptions to rule #1. When I am in my spot I am invisible, even to wounded whining offspring.
3. No perfume. Too much perfume makes me sick. Other people’s strong perfumes are like noise pollution. Every guy blasting Megadeth out of his car with all the windows down thinks it sounds great. Every girl drowning in Flowerbomb thinks she smells delightful. They are both wrong and both not allowed in my nook.
4. Nobody can read my writing unless I specifically say, “Could you please read this and let me know what you think?” If you don’t hear those exact words, then do not read my work. yes, its controlling, but it’s my pretend writing spot so I can do that if I want to.
5. There has to be a walls of books. Books make me happy. Especially the books from my childhood. They let me escape, they help me to dream, books make me absolutely have to write. A book and a kindle or iPad are not the same. An illustrated hardcover Children’s book is a magical thing. My nook must have lots of them.

Until my secret hideaway can become a reality, I will have to make do with what I’ve got. I currently write from my car, my living room, the tiny toddler chairs in my kitchen, my bed, my closet floor, and I have been known to lock myself in the bathroom to get a little writing done.

This post was written from my dining room table. Definitely not a magical and serene spot, but I guess it did the trick.





One Response to “My Imaginary Magical Nook”

  1. Adrian Gluck April 23, 2013 at 5:10 am #

    Wonderful writing, sweetheart!

    Love, Dad

    Sent from Windows Mail

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