What’s Your Super Power?

12 Apr

Today is my birthday.

It’s interesting, I don’t feel like celebrating at all. I’m not upset or depressed. I couldn’t care less about getting older or any of that nonsense. I’m Just indifferent. Today feels like any other normal Saturday morning starting out.

A few days ago, when my twins turned 4 years old, that was a whole different ball game. I felt like dancing and singing in the streets. I was bursting at the seams with electric emotions. I really wasn’t expecting to feel so full of pride and love.

What gives?

For the first time since becoming a Mother almost 8 years ago, I feel the enormity of what I have done by bringing these children into this world.
On my birthday, April 12 1977, I didn’t do anything that impressive. All I did was survive the journey down the birth canal. My Mom did all the work. She’s the one that should get Champagne and flowers on MY birthday, not me!

The days that I gave birth to my children, those are the dates that I feel like remembering.

In my very own body, I grew complete tiny human beings for nine months and then brought them into the universe with my own strength. I even grew two little humans at the same time, to full term and delivered the old fashioned way. (With an epidural, I’m not a martyr.)

Holy shit!

37 years old. It took me this long to realize that I want to celebrate my accomplishments not just the givens or the accidentals.

I want to celebrate my children’s birthdays.
I want to mark the days that I graduated from High School, College, and maybe one day, my Master’s Degree.
I want to remember the days that I did something that scared me to death and I did it anyways.
I want to drink and dance and sing on the days that I did something that makes me want to from the inside out. Not just because Hallmark tells me to.

Happy Giving Birth Day to my Mom. Nice work. 37 years ago you become a Mother for the first of five times. I am honored that I got to pave the way for the others. ;)



One Response to “What’s Your Super Power?”

  1. JLO April 12, 2014 at 12:00 pm #

    Love it! Happy Birthday MRS. GLUCK.

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