My Melons – Always Getting Me Into Trouble.

5 Jun

Today at Smart and Final (yes people from Beverly Hills go there) I accidentally rolled a medium sized watermelon onto a Man’s foot.
I put the watermelon on the bottom rack underneath the cart, because as usual my cart was filled to the brim. As I pushed my way down the last aisle towards the checkout, I made a quick and sudden stop at the bread. This is where things went sideways. I knew in that split second that I jerked to a standstill, that the watermelon wasn’t staying still.
It’s like people say with car accidents, it all happened so fast. One minute I’m looking at Whole Wheat mini bagels and the next minute I’m standing before an unusually large man, mid-fifties, tennis shoes, shorts and he’s screaming at me that I’m a moron.
My watermelon had gone rogue. My sudden stop had turned my watermelon into a bowling ball and that ball rolled off my cart and over this Man’s foot and kept right on going down Aisle 2.

“Oh my God, I am so so sorry.” I was mortified. Definitely a supermarket first for me.

Here’s where things went from there:

Man: You are a Moron! What the **** is wrong with you?! You scared the shi* out of me. How stupid can you be?!?!

I stood there in shock. I have pretty limited interactions with adults for the most part. I spend my time with my children or other Mothers and my family. I find that when I do interact with strangers I usually find them to be kind and decent. So, when incidents like this happen, despite living in a big city for fourteen years, I am still totally dumbfounded.

I finally spoke.

Me: “Listen guy, I am very very sorry about my watermelon rolling over your foot. I’m pretty sure you are going to be okay. There’s really no reason to talk to me that way. I promise I won’t roll a watermelon at you ever again.”

Man: “B*tch.”

I could have handled it differently. I can tell you what my sisters would have said, and it wouldn’t have been pretty. As I loaded my groceries onto the checkout belt still shaking with adrenaline, I reminded myself that what the very girthy man on Aisle 2 thought of me was none of my business.
He doesn’t know me and I have no clue what this person may be experiencing in his life. I know that I am not a moron or any of the other things he shouted at me today. What matters is what I think, not the opinion of passerby’s or strangers.
I made a mistake, it was an accident, end of story.

I’m writing this as I sit on the couch watching my three children enjoy the infamous runaway watermelon. They are enjoying it, they are happy, we are together, this is what matters.

Also, never put a watermelon, a cantaloupe or anything that could roll underneath your shopping cart. You’re welcome.



2 Responses to “My Melons – Always Getting Me Into Trouble.”

  1. jgp June 5, 2014 at 5:10 pm #

    Here is what Ronnali’s sister did when a man was nasty to her in a line for coffee. She picked up the creamer and poured it on his head. This was years ago and we are still laughing.

  2. Laura June 11, 2014 at 1:02 pm #

    I hope I can be more like you sticking up for yourself in such a clear and concise way. That screaming man might have sent me to tears but definitely would have scared rational thought out of my head. Congratulations!

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