Kids Are Gross.

21 Jul

Why are kids so gross?

The sand and dirt and food and drool and pee and shit and slime and boogers that I encounter on a daily basis just doesn’t seem normal to me.

I get it to a certain degree. Children learn by using their senses. Touching sand, playing in the dirt, everyday sensory stuff. Fine, I’m on board with all that. But, the level that one of my children takes it to is a whole special kind of grossness.
The other kids play in the sandbox. She has to have the sand embedded in her toenails, nostrils and underwear to feel like she got the most out of it.
The other kids eat birthday cake. She becomes one with the cake. If her long hair, arms and p legs are not completely covered in frosting by the time she is done, then I wouldn’t believe that she had her piece.
The other kids spill their milk on the floor and look shocked. Within 2 seconds this kid is lying on the floor rolling in the milk with all her clothes on.
Did I mention she also doesn’t believe in chewing her food and taking small bites? When she eats it’s like watching a squirrel who hasn’t eaten in months.
Her face could be completely covered in boogers, dirt and food and I will ask her, “Do you want me to help me wipe your face?”

Her response every time, “NO, I LOOK PERFECT.”

There you have it folks. I do believe that this child was sent to me or made by me or is being raised by me, to teach me a huge life lesson that I missed somewhere along the way.

She lives in the moment. She doesn’t care what you think of her. She doesn’t care if she is filthy or looks sparkly clean. She is experiencing life, full throttle, all in.
She is a embracing the world with all it’s splendor and she doesn’t give a fu** what she looks like while she does it.

This little girl might be messy, gross at times, and definitely hard to keep clean. But, she is my reminder to live. To stop being prim, proper and sparkly clean. Life is messy, you can sit it out and let it pass you by or get in it and get dirty.



One Response to “Kids Are Gross.”

  1. Adrian Gluck July 22, 2014 at 12:17 am #

    Leslie, I loved this post! Love, Dad

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