Should We Cry For Big People?

4 Aug

Today my oldest child (almost 8) asked me if we should feel sorry for people who are overweight and out of shape. We were driving in the car, just the two of us, it was a random question and I wasn’t prepared at all.
These moments are becoming more and more frequent as my kids get older. I have taught them rules and repeated mantras to them their whole lives and for the most part they have blindly cooperated. Now, the time has come for questions and explanations, these kids aren’t babies and they definitely aren’t pushovers.
Yesterday, the twins wanted to know why we don’t eat Pork because we are Jewish, but some Jewish people do eat Pork. They asked if God said it was okay for those Jews to eat Pork? Again, I stared at them, a completely blank stare. I’m usually a pretty good bull shitter, but these are my kids and valid questions.
How do I explain rules that we live by in our family that don’t necessarily have a perfect explanation?
Should we feel sorry for people who are overweight? Do I explain to the kids that there is a line between overweight and obese? Do I tell them that if the weight is due to a medical condition, then sympathy is in order? How do I explain all this while still teaching my daughter that it’s okay to be any size and shape. Yet, fitness and nutrition really do matter and it’s up to her to make healthy choices?
As far as the pork eating goes, I would basically have to tell my kids that as Non-Orthodox Jews we’ve decided to pick and choose the laws that we want to follow. Yup, we are choose Jews. I would say most Reform American Jews are these days. The explanation I have for them is, that’s just what we do, because that’s just what we do. That’s all I got for them at this point. I know, not impressive.
I don’t have all the answers for them. I’m still trying to figure out so many answers for myself. I know right from wrong, I know what I want for my kids, I’m just not quite sure how to explain it all to the 3 little sponges who think Mama has it all figured out.


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