My Ass, Her Ass, Kim’s Ass, Ridiculous Biznass

17 Nov

Yesterday I broke one of my iron clad rules and I reacted publicly about another woman’s body.

I internally debated for days on whether talking about Kim Kardashian’s bare behind on the cover of Paper magazine would be worth breaking my rule. I finally decided to share an article originally posted on TIME because it summed up part of what I was thinking about the whole dealio.

My gripe is, I have more to say about it.
The article I shared was truly fantastic. The author pointed out that there was no substance behind what she did by baring her greased up bottom on the cover of a magazine.

I’ve read countless opinions, rants, raves and straight up trashings over the whole thing. Here’s what I think in no particular order:

1. Did Kim Kardashian set back the feminist movement? I say, no way. Feminism is all about women having the right to say what they want to say, work where they want to work, wear what they want to wear, and so on and so forth. If this woman decides that she wants to exploit her butt in a sexual and degrading manner, that’s her choice. Now, here’s the tricky part… Whether consumers decide to support it is where the message lies. As long as we as consumers pay more attention to a photo shopped tush over a SATELITTE LANDING ON A COMET, then feminism still has a long way to go.

2. PHOTOSHOP. Are people not aware that all magazine photos are photoshopped? I thought this was old news brought to everyone’s attention years ago. Models and actors are photoshopped down to altering the size of their wrists and the angle of their ear canal. Models always comment that they don’t even recognize the person looking back at them in print ads. That picture is photoshopped, it’s not real, it’s an illusion, come on people, get with the program here!!!

3. Does posing nude make Kim Kardashian an unfit mother? I think that that question is even out there being asked proves that Men and Women are not seen as equals in the home or the workplace. If she was a man, would anyone have asked that question? I didn’t think so. Moving on…

4. Let’s take men out of the equation. How can we get women to stop being so obsessed with other women’s bodies? It is an absolute distraction and a waste of female brain time and power. To focus on Blake Lively’s “bump” or how quickly Eva Mendes shed the baby weight should be seen as equal to if not even more boring than discussing boiling water.
Here’s my suggestion: when you greet another girl or women, do not comment on her appearance. Ask a question, comment on her recent accomplishments, discuss the news. Once you realize just how hard it is to not greet another woman with, “I love your hair.” Or “You lost so much weight!” You will realize that Kim Kardashian isn’t really the problem here, we are.

I dare myself and all my readers to stop commenting about girls and women’s bodies. Think of all the things important we will get to talk about if we aren’t discussing weight loss, cellulite and wrinkles.



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