Your Kid, Your Business – Until Now

6 Feb

Guess what????

If you want to breastfeed your child until he or she is 6 years old that is really none of my business. Might it be a little awkward for me to try and explain to my children why a child older than them is being fed this way, the first time they see it. But, we would get through it, I would explain it the best I could and it would end with, “In this world every Mommy chooses what is best for her child and that Mommy chooses that, that’s all.”
If you want to wear your 30 pound 3 year old in a sling around your neck absolutely everywhere you go, more power to ya. If you want to send your 5 year old to year round boarding school in Switzerland, Godspeed. You can feed your kid only raw veggies that are grown from your garden on your farm or stuff them full of marshmallows and gummy bears. Not my kid, not my business.
Not my kid. Not my business. Unless, the choices you are making for your kid are endangering my kids.

If you decide that you are going to send your kid to school with
an AK-47 because your kid is highly trained in using it and needs it just in case something bad happens. We are gonna have a problem.

If your kid brings her poisonous rattlesnake to school in her backpack but swears it’s safe because it’s never hurt anyone before. We are gonna have a problem.

If you don’t vaccinate your children against completely preventable diseases that could kill your friends and neighbors, including my kids. We are gonna have a problem.

I believe strongly in letting every person be who they truly are at the essence of their being. Mothers and fathers have to do what feels right to them when raising their children. I know it’s scary being a parent, the choices are overwhelming and paralyzing. Co-sleeping, breastfeeding, potty learning methods, discipline, sign language, Montessori, Waldorf, Parochial, only child, lots of siblings, the list goes on and on…. All of these are your individual choice and totally none of my business.

I know we feel disconnected from what is happening in the rest of the world. As we drive our SUV’s to Coffee Bean, from soccer practice to school pick ups through out our busy days, it’s hard to remember how ugly life can be. Disease is ugly. Measles, Mumps and Rubella are terrifying and ugly. I beg you to do your research. Truly thorough research. These vaccines are not linked to autism. There simply is no credible proof. We need to snap out of our Facebook comas and become students once again and use our brains here. If you aren’t sure where your religion stands on the issue, check in with a religious leader. Just don’t do nothing.


Below: Quotes from Melinda Gates and The UNICEF organization



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