Smile For Me Sexy Girl

8 Mar

Today is International Women’s Day and I have a few things I would like to say on this occasion:

  1. Every time you call another woman a bitch an angel in heaven dies. Maybe that’s a bit extreme, but you get my point. Bitch has historically been used by men to describe a woman that is uncompromising, strong, or unwilling to give him what he wants. Gloria Steinem says we should reclaim the word “bitch” and make it a good thing. Like, boss bitch or refer to your best girlfriend as you main bitch. I disagree with Gloria, which doesn’t happen very often. I do not want to be called a bitch no matter what awesome word you put before it. I don’t even want to be called a genius gorgeous amazing perfect bitch. No matter how true all of that may be before the     b-word.
  2. I don’t have to smile for anyone. I don’t have to smile for anyone. I don’t have to smile for anyone. I am a grown woman with 3 children and I still feel that I have to smile at everyone because I don’t want them to think I’m a bitch. (see #1)  No matter how many times I have told myself that I do not have to smile for anyone, I still smile at everyone. I’m not saying that this is an entirely bad thing. I think it’s nice to smile at acquaintances, waiters, other parents at school pick up, and to be friendly. What bothers me is when I automatically smile at complete strangers, especially men, like I owe them something. It begins in childhood, “Let’s see that smile little girl.” or “Show me a pretty happy face” and then the teen and adult years, “Why so sad beautiful?” or “smile for me sexy.” I do not have to smile for anyone. My children do not have to smile for anyone. YOU do not have to smile for anyone.
  3. Stop greeting women with, “You look great, have you lost weight?!” Just stop it! Our greatest accomplishment as women is not to see how much weight we can lose or how young we can look. Of course we all want to look and feel our best, thats great, me too! But when the first thing you say to another woman is about their appearance it sends a clear message  to them and to everyone listening about what we value. It shouts out that we value the way the person looks, not how they are feeling, not what they did earlier in the day, only their outer layer and if it appears up to societal standards at the moment. Here’s the best part, guess who is watching us do this to each other day in and day out… our children.

March 8, 2017. International Women’s Day. Donald Trump is the President.

Something tells me that you might be hearing from me a bit more this year…


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