Kids Are People Too?

7 Apr

I am pretty sure everyone in my Master’s Degree Program thinks I’m a monster.

On Tuesday I started my third quarter of graduate school. Since my classes usually only have about twenty people in each of them, we go around on the first day and introduce ourselves. The introduction entails some combination of the following; Name, what quarter we are in, where we are doing our training hours, what we did in our former life before Grad school, and what we plan to do with our Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology once we have finished the program.

It is truly one of my favorite parts of the entire quarter when I hear the professor start with his or her introduction. I love hearing little bits of people’s stories and how they got to be sitting in a classroom across from me. The characters and their backgrounds are beyond fascinating. My peers range from Ivy League former advertising executives in their early thirties to recovering addicts turned counselors in their sixties that have had decades in the field.

Except, now that I am reflecting back on what I said during my introduction in Tuesday’s class, I am seventy percent certain that everyone in my program hates me. If they don’t hate me, they will definitely never refer any clients to me. When it was my turn I said my name and that I was in my third quarter. Then, I went directly into explaining that my population of choice will most likely be adolescents. “High risk adolescents, the worse off the better. But, I am still open to all possibilities.” That all sounds fine and good. Then… at the end I randomly added – “Anything but children, I really do not want anything to do with children.”


Did I mention that half the class had said that they were passionate about working with children? I also totally forgot to tell the class in my intro that I in fact HAVE 3 children of my own which might be why I don’t want to work with kids right now. There you have it, now when people walk past me on campus I know they aren’t whispering because I have something on my face or because my shirt is on backwards, it’s because I’m the person who wants to help people… as long as they aren’t children. I’m the woman who hates children.




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  1. JLO April 7, 2017 at 9:09 am #

    I can’t

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