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23 Oct

Time is running out on how much longer I can write posts like this one. It’s one thing to have a controversial voice and swear like a sailor as a “blogger mom in the neighborhood” it’s a whole other thing to be writing pieces like this as a psychotherapist in training, which is what I am now. So, here’s one for before I have to become unofficially official…

Obviously, METOO. Any woman that can say that they have never ever experienced any type of situation that would not have happened if men were not allowed to act the way some of them do, is an impossible woman to find. As I’ve been reading through all my friends and acquaintances post their #metoo stories in response to the outing and multiple rape and sexual assault allegations of super-perv Harvey Weinstein, I don’t feel like writing #METOO.

I feel like writing, F*CK YOU! F*ck you to all the men that have hurt my family, friends and the friends of my friends. F*ck you to the all the bosses that use their power to prey on those that work for them. F*ck you to all the teachers and professors who take advantage of their students who look to them for knowledge, F*ck you to all the relatives and neighbors (and there are many of them) who have destroyed entire childhoods, F*ck you to the men on the street telling me to smile.

F*ck you to the local Pediatrician I met four days ago, who asked for me a date and then repeatedly told me on our very first phone call what lingerie to wear to our first date so I could make him happy. This guy knew I was a mother of three, he knew I probably had friends that are patients of his, but those facts didn’t phase him. Why didn’t they? Because he acts like this all the time and gets away with it. Because he’s in the position of power, he’s the doctor, he has the answers, he saves people, and if he’s acting this way it must be okay and maybe there is something wrong with me.

I am not going to say, METOO. I am going to say; All of the men out there that have been getting away this, it’s over. We are now watching you, all of you.

I will never allow the “boys will be boys” mentality to ever cross my mind again and you shouldn’t either. I am not automatically anyone’s hot piece of ass, or a fat piece of ass or a MILF or your fantasy, neither are any of the other women in this world.


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