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The Grass is Pretty Green…

3 Jun

I’m the oldest of five children in my family and the only one with kids so far. Every so often one of my siblings will ask me why I wanted kids if it’s so hard???
I don’t remember a time when I didn’t want children. I always knew I would be a Mom and I was pretty sure I would do it before 30. I knew that I wanted to have more than one child, possibly even three or four. The twin thing never ever never crossed my mind. Of course when I imagined all these children I had no clue what that meant.
On the tough days, it’s exhausting and draining to say the least. Even on the worst days there are always moments that remind me why this is all worth it.
Listening to T and J talk back and forth in their cribs is amazing. They take turns singing their ABC’s and twinkle, twinkle. They mumble things that I don’t understand and then laugh their heads off. When I see the three of them playing quietly together in the playroom, and they don’t know I’m watching. When my 5 year old tries to teach her 2 year old sister how to shake her hips like a “real” performer. Yesterday at the beach, JH ran over and smothered me with kisses and said, “I missed my Mommy!” he was only gone for 5 minutes but that’s besides the point.
They might be screaming, whining, poop throwing, sand eating munchkins, but they are all mine.



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