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Childbirth – Sometimes drugs are the only answer.

29 May

I had dinner last week with two women who are a few years younger than I am, both single and without kids. After a couple drinks the woman who I had just met that night through my other friend looked at me point blank and confessed, “My biggest fear in life is childbirth, how did you do it three times?!?!”

It’s funny, before I had children I remember being terrified of childbirth too. The thought of being out of control and without the ability to turn back. The concept that once I was pregnant the only way to get that baby out was to deliver it, horrified me. Today, as a woman who has delivered 3 children, I can honestly say it wasn’t that bad. I would also like to say, why the hell didn’t anyone tell me that it wasn’t going to be that bad?!

For those of you that read my blog and have not had kids yet, I would like to take this opportunity to ease your mind so listen up:

If you get an epidural to help with the pain during childbirth, it doesn’t hurt that bad!

It’s uncomfortable, exhausting, frustrating and at times annoying. Having Velcro monitors wrapped around your enormous swollen itchy belly that beep every time your move, is not fun. Having people stick things in your vagina while a 7 pound object is trying to descend out of said vagina, also not fun. Having your family squeeze clown car style into a hospital room just to stare at the freak show you have become, totally not fun. But, I promise you none of this is excruciating or horrifically painful.

Now, all that being said, if you choose to be a much braver person than I am and forego the epidural then you are on your own girlfriend. All I know is that with my first I tried to go as long as I could without getting one. They told me in birthing class that I should try to see how far I can go naturally. By the time I caved in and the anesthesiologist was paged, I was hunched over sobbing, muttering over and over, “Why isn’t he coming? What if he never comes? Why isn’t he here yet? Why is he doing this to me? Why isn’t he coming?” he finally arrived and I’m pretty sure that I told him that he as the love of my life. At that moment, he really was.

By the time I arrived at the hospital to deliver my second and third children, the scenario was a little bit different. We parked, I checked in, and I immediately requested my epidural and any and all allowed drugs.

So what’s the moral of the story? Don’t be scared to have kids because of giving birth. I assure you that everything that happens after you bring the baby home is much more terrifying.

Those of you that disagree with me – feel free to pipe in in the comments section. Those of you that gave birth in your backyard in a blow up pool and think I am evil for promoting the use of a hospital and drugs during labor, I look forward to reading your emails privately later this evening.



Knee Deep in Cheerios and Chocolate Milk – But Not Alone

7 Feb

I ran into one of my good friends L.M. today at Coffee Bean. I had the twins with me and as they spilled $20 worth of chocolate milk on the ground, she asked me a question that I’ve been getting a lot of lately, “Why haven’t you written anything on your blog?”
My hair stylist, the pharmacist, the UPS guy, my Dad and now my friends all want to know why I haven’t posted anything here for a few weeks. My friend said to me, “You may not know this, but your writing makes me happy, I look forward to reading it.”

It’s interesting, I never seriously thought about it that way. That by sharing my ridiculous tales about the twins and the mini-diva, that I might be making someone else feel better. When I first started publishing this blog I really had no clue who would actually read it. I did know that it was therapeutic for me and I enjoyed writing again. When I actually started to have followers and subscribers, I wanted to be flattered, but I was also sure that it was a mistake. Now, when I look at my numbers and statistics, I get it, people are actually reading my blog. Crazy!

When L.M. told me that my writing makes her happy I realized why most people read my blog (besides my parents, they have no choice) it’s because they can see that they are not alone.
I might be writing from Beverly Hills but I may as well be in Boise or Birmingham. The feelings that a Mother of small children seems to experience runs true no matter what your geographical locale might be.

I know what you’re thinking, In Boise they don’t hang out with celebrities and attend catered 1st birthday parties for 400 of the toddlers closest friends. Maybe not, but what is the same is the desire to do right by your kids. The desperate need to make them feel safe and loved. The exhaustion and frustration at the end of a tough day alone with them. The fear that everyone else got an instruction manual on parenting except you.

I haven’t written in awhile because I’ve been waiting for the perfect subject to come to mind so I could publish a witty yet heartfelt post. Despite getting to that point, I’m posting anyways. Because I’m not perfect, my writing is far from it, and it makes my friend L.M. happy.

It’s nice to be back. I missed you guys too.



Meatloaf Madness

10 Jan

Last night was Spaghetti and Turkey Meatloaf and Steamed Broccoli night. as I was preparing to start prepping my meatloaf the plumber, UPS and the Gardener all showed up needing me to explain things that I simply could not. I don’t know what the thingy is called that goes in between the tub stopper top and the whole in the drain. All I know is that our tub makes a noise that makes my children think that a monster lives in the drain and it must be fixed ASAP.

Before I knew it, I had not made the meatloaf and it was time to pick up the twins from Preschool. Those three hours sure didn’t get me far now did they? I knew I could make the pasta and broccoli while they napped, but I had a loooong list of chores to be done, plus a blog to write and another kid to be picked up half way through their nap.

I took a deep breath – I had a little conversation with myself, went a little like this; I am doing the best I can, this is my first week and I will get the hang of this. It’s ok to improvise. Your doing a good job.
I decided to pick up kid#1 and run into Whole Foods and pick up ready made Turkey Meatloaf to go with my spaghetti and broccoli. Next time I will make it myself, but this time, it didn’t mean I was less of a “Mom that cooks home cooked meals” because I improvised.

How did it go? Girl twin ate everything on her plate and begged for more broccoli. Boy twin ate a little of everything, requested ketchup and then ate a little more. Six year old ate all her pasta, wouldn’t try the meatloaf or broccoli, but she let the food sit on her plate without any protest. That right there is a huge improvement from the faux-vomiting of the night before.

They were all given chocolate soy pudding for dessert.

Tonight is Corn Flake Chicken and Smashed Sweet Potatoes. Cross your fingers for me…..


Writer’s Block – A Terrible Place To Live

27 Nov

I like to consider myself a recreational writer on most days. On some days I actually call myself a real live writer. Today, I wouldn’t call myself a writer in any way, shape or form. I showed up to my writing class at UCLA this morning feeling pretty spiffy that I had a solid introduction written to my final term paper. As I listened to the assigned readers for today share their latest material, I realized that my work was complete crap.
I had struggled for weeks just trying to decide what my topic was going to be. The assignment was to write an essay about absolutely anything I so desired. The only contingencies were that it had to be non-fiction and a personal essay. Considering the class is titled , Writing Your Healing Story, you can imagine the topics that were being covered. The Death of spouses, parents and children, Cancer, suicide, and unimaginable pain of all kinds.

What the hell was I supposed to write about?

One Woman in class writes about the loss of her Mother so beautifully that I find myself wondering if my children will ever love me as much as she loved her Mom. I can feel her Mother’s warmth. I can feel her profound love for her Mother and I can grasp her pain just by listening to her words. She is an amazing writer. Another writer in class writes about humans rescuing scarred and forgotten animals. In his essays, the true rescue and life renewed takes places in the person’s life because of the animal, not vice versa.

I decided to write about my time that I spent at a boarding school in the mountains of San Bernadino. While it isn’t quite the same as death or disease it was a pretty traumatic time in my life. It took me 5 hours to write my intro. Just my introduction! That is crazy for me. I am a one run writer. I write almost all my posts and essays in one shot, no drafts, no re-writes. Writing is a fast paced and super stream of consciousness process for me. But this topic and this essay is proving to be nothing of the sort. I know it’s a story I want to write, but somehow my words on the page don’t seem to be enough.

I love to write. I love this blog. But for today, I’m thinking maybe I should just stick to being a stay at home Mom to twins plus one…

I’m sure I will change my mind tomorrow, I usually do.



The Things I Am Thankful For – Part 2

22 Nov

Yesterday I wrote about the things I am not thankful for. Today, I’ll tell you a few things I am grateful for.

1. My health – If you don’t have your health, then money and possessions become worthless. Every time I even feel a little sick I remind myself that there are people living with chronic illnesses. They would probably give up everything just to feel healthy.
2. My 3 children – As much as I complain about the filth and exhaustion and vomit. I do realize how amazingly blessed I am to have been able to conceive my kids and have the opportunity to raise them in a safe place surrounded by people who love them.
3. My husband – He is kind, generous, a great father and he still thinks I’m smoking hot after 3 babies and 9 years of looking at me.
4. My Girls – What would I do without my girlfriends? I would probably be very lonely and getting into lots of trouble, if it weren’t for the strong women who guide me, love me and laugh with me.
5. The privilege of living in a country where I am free to choose how many children I want. I am free to choose my own government representatives. My husband and I are free to stay safely at home while American Soldiers defend us. I am free to write this blog and say what I want to say without the risk of punishment.
6. My family – I know that no matter what happens in life, I will never be alone. There will always be a member of the Gluck clan right around the corner….

Happy Thanksgiving!



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