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What’s For Din-Din?

14 Jan

The question of the day seems to be, what are you cooking tonight?

I do not have an answer for you.

This morning HB said she was sick only to have a revelation at 11:30am that she was perfectly healthy and wanted to go to school. What prompted this miraculous recovery? She remembered that today was her first day of after school art class. Art Class = Full Instant Recovery.
Between getting everyone dressed, fed and to their schools, I barely had time to sneeze before it was time to pick-up the twins at 11:45am.
So….. What is for dinner? I’m sure there a million Moms trying to figure out the exact same thing right now. The real issue is, I can’t quit now! It’s only week 2 of my healthy home cooked kid friendly meals project.
When back-up arrives in half hour I will have a plan. I am not scared of cooking. Poultry is not the enemy. I can do this. The oven is my friend. Yes, that’s right.



Real Men Eat Quiche

11 Jan

Quiche. My husband requested quiche for dinner tonight. I have been consistently cooking family dinners for four days. Apparently, that means I am capable of creating sophisticated French cuisine without giving anyone salmonella. I appreciate that my husband has such faith in me. He always seems to think I am way more capable than I actually am. It’s either that or his thinking is slightly distorted from living with me and our kids all these years.
After many Internet searches and wonderful advice and recipes , I have some awesome FB friends. Who knew that you could buy a pie crust already made?!
I made an executive (mom/chef/slave) decision that I am not making quiche tonight.
I believe that I can do it. I don’t think it’s that tricky or hard. I swear its not that I’m intimidated by eggs, pie crust or the French. The truth is that I am tired. I have to go to the supermarket and I still have a kid to pick up at school, while the other two nap. I really want to spend the afternoon at the park with my 3 kids and not be fried by the time my husband gets home for dinner.
So, tonight he will get his quiche, just not made by me. Whole Foods will be providing our family with a cooked rotisserie chicken, a cooked quiche and a spinach salad.
It doesn’t mean I’m quitting my home cooking mission, it just means that it’s okay to take a break.



Meatloaf Madness

10 Jan

Last night was Spaghetti and Turkey Meatloaf and Steamed Broccoli night. as I was preparing to start prepping my meatloaf the plumber, UPS and the Gardener all showed up needing me to explain things that I simply could not. I don’t know what the thingy is called that goes in between the tub stopper top and the whole in the drain. All I know is that our tub makes a noise that makes my children think that a monster lives in the drain and it must be fixed ASAP.

Before I knew it, I had not made the meatloaf and it was time to pick up the twins from Preschool. Those three hours sure didn’t get me far now did they? I knew I could make the pasta and broccoli while they napped, but I had a loooong list of chores to be done, plus a blog to write and another kid to be picked up half way through their nap.

I took a deep breath – I had a little conversation with myself, went a little like this; I am doing the best I can, this is my first week and I will get the hang of this. It’s ok to improvise. Your doing a good job.
I decided to pick up kid#1 and run into Whole Foods and pick up ready made Turkey Meatloaf to go with my spaghetti and broccoli. Next time I will make it myself, but this time, it didn’t mean I was less of a “Mom that cooks home cooked meals” because I improvised.

How did it go? Girl twin ate everything on her plate and begged for more broccoli. Boy twin ate a little of everything, requested ketchup and then ate a little more. Six year old ate all her pasta, wouldn’t try the meatloaf or broccoli, but she let the food sit on her plate without any protest. That right there is a huge improvement from the faux-vomiting of the night before.

They were all given chocolate soy pudding for dessert.

Tonight is Corn Flake Chicken and Smashed Sweet Potatoes. Cross your fingers for me…..


Slow Cook and Her Slow Cooker

9 Jan

Over the winter break from school I had some time to think about things that I wanted to change in 2013. I had been feeling incredibly guilty about the eating patterns of my family. It looked like I had myself all figured out. But what about THEM?

I have managed to lose all my baby weight and then some. I watch what I eat constantly, making low fat, low calorie, low sodium, and often low taste choices at almost every turn. I exercise and have long term goals for my body and my overall health that I still haven’t reached. I want to run a Marathon and I want to rock a leopard bikini. No, I have not put a time limit on these goals, yes, I realize it might take a while. It hasn’t been easy and I’m not discounting how long it took to figure out how to pull my physical self together. I am proud of what I’ve done so far and actually excited for the Beach this Summer.

Meanwhile-Back at the Ranch- The kids have been feasting on a diet consisting of frozen chicken nuggets, pasta, hot dogs, frozen steam in the bag veggies, and Chipotle. I have managed to keep my house clear of candy, chips and cookies. I seem to have also completely skipped over the whole concept of a home cooked nutritious meal. I got away with it this long because my husband usually isn’t home for dinner and the twins were young enough that I could throw an array of finger foods at them and that would be good enough.

The time has come for me to step up to the plate. Literally.

I dug out my slow cooker yesterday, which I hadn’t seen since it was selected off my bridal registry 8 years ago. I googled kid-friendly healthy slow cooker recipes and I was off and running! I made sweet and sour chicken with bell peppers and brown rice. It came out perfectly.

The response from the children? I’ll be back later to give all the glorious details on that. Let’s just say, it wasn’t all Norman Rockwell up in here…



Chef Boyardee – The Update (aka I’m a failure)

6 Jun

A few weeks back I wrote about my big plan to start cooking more often. (at all) Yesterday, I ran into my friend KM at Whole Foods. As she looked into my cart and saw all the pre-prepared food, she smiled and asked how the cooking was going. I was so beyond busted!
So here’s an update: It didn’t exactly pan out. My intentions were there, the plans in place, but the cooking never actually happened. In my mind I imagined that I would plan the meals for the entire week ahead of time. Then go to the market on Sunday, without any kids and get everything I needed for the week. When Sunday night rolled around I was so exhausted that I couldn’t even take a shower to get the sand out of my hair from the beach that day. It would have taken multiple red bulls and serious dedication to follow through with my big plan. I fell asleep that night with my clothes on in my 5 year old’s bed as I do on many a Sunday night. After an entire weekend with all 3 kids and no babysitter help, I am usually a shell of a person by bedtime on Sunday. It doesn’t look like my Sunday idea has a real shot at happening. Maybe, I just need a new approach? I am determined to figure out a way to make healthy, home cooked meals for my family without ignoring or neglecting my children or hating every minute of it. In the meantime, I am going to start playing the lottery in hopes of winning big and hiring a personal chef.


How many nights a week do you cook? Tell the truth…

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