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Mommy, why are you wearing your bathing suit trick or treating?

6 Apr

This post might be seasonally challenged but I’m going for it anyways. If my kid can tell me what she wants for her birthday 11 months in advance then I can rant about Halloween in April.

Why is it that all Halloween costumes for adult Women are some variation of nakedness? When I was single and childless it didn’t really bother me that my options were between whorey witch, masked peacock or bustier bunny. Now that I celebrate this family holiday surrounded by small children and married men, I would like a G rated costume thank you very much. I had to go to three different places this year to try and find attire that didn’t scream, “it’s my one day a year to look totally inappropriate!” I settled on a crushed velvet Eskimo dress complete with a matching costume for little HB. It was either that or a clown costume complete with ginormous red shoes. Really, costume makers of America?! That’s what it comes down to? Either I bare some T and A while begging door to door for skittles or I’m a clown?


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