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City of Sin and Sparkle

19 Feb

I used to firmly believe that Las Vegas was not my kind of town.
The City of Sin. Hedonism taken out of hiding and put on display in neon lights for all the world to bask in the tainted glow.

I seem to have lightened up a bit over the years.

I still don’t gamble and I’m not really a Bud Light at 10am kind of girl. I have no desire to pay money to see a man who is probably gay and/or married to take off his clothes and act like he likes me. I don’t want to go to an all you can eat steak and seafood buffet and gorge until my pants pop.

Last weekend I went to Vegas without the kids and had a fantastic time. I know what you are thinking, well of course you did, you didn’t have the kids!
It was more than that, I swear. I didn’t do anything that was against my conscience or that I felt was leading the world down a slippery slope to devil-land.

I experienced beautiful art by one of my favorite artists right in my own hotel suite. I strolled through a stunning garden filled with the brightest tulips I have ever laid eyes on. I walked, and I admit slightly twitched my way through a live butterfly greenhouse. I ate creatively divine meals in spectacular dining rooms and sat beneath Swarovski chandeliers that could blind you with the bling factor.

Las Vegas actually is my kind of town. I love all things glittery and sparkly, I never say no to an over the top outfit and I believe when it comes to sleep, I can do that when I’m dead.

Just like everything else in life, your experience is what you make of it. You can choose to see the bad or really open up your mind and experience the shiny and good.


How do you feel about Vegas? Skip it or See it?


I feel a little bit further from the proverbial edge – 24 hours at the SLS

16 Apr

I just spent 24 blissful hours away from my children. My best friend JA lives in Orange County and between the two of us we have six children covering every age from 2 to 6. You can imagine how often we get to see each other. Not often. And our phone calls usually involve a lot of screaming in the background and accidental hang-ups. We both needed some good old fashioned one on one time and refuge from the kids. So, on Saturday we spent the night at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. For those of you who have never been to the SLS, it’s like a modern art museum meets Alice in Wonderland with a bunch of beautiful people hanging out in the middle of it all. One of my favorite restaurants in the universe also happens to be there, The Bazaar. The best part: there was not a child in sight. Just a fantasy world in my own town that I could partake in if I didn’t have applesauce on my cheeks and snot on my shirt.

We lounged around, watched TV, read magazines, dressed up in short skirts and high heels, drank cocktails and had time to TALK. Like, actually complete a sentence and communicate like best friends are supposed to. Truth be told we spent most of the time discussing the kids, the husbands and the challenges of Motherhood. To commiserate with my BFF of 17 years while not being interrupted was intoxicating, or was that the wine?? We had big plans of crawling the Sunset Strip like the good old days and dancing until dawn. That fantasy died sometime around midnight as we sat at the hotel bar with our eyes half closed yawning into our drinks. We may not have danced naked on any bars, but I feel like a new woman. All I needed was 24 hours, to take my time, sleep and talk with someone I love, in a place that made me feel like I was way too cool to be somebody’s Mommy.


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