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I Murdered The Tooth Fairy

3 Feb

If they were giving out awards two days ago for shittiest mom of the week I would have won, hands down. The panel of judges in this shitty mom contest would have all looked at each other and nodded their heads because it was obviously a no brainer. I won.

I single handedly crushed my eldest daughter’s belief in all things magical. She is 8 and still believes in the Tooth Fairy. She has sat me down multiple times and demanded the truth, I haven’t caved, this fairy is real and I want to keep her alive.

Until two days ago. I completely robbed my child of all hope that in fact there was a beautiful fairy that came when you lost a darling baby tooth.
She had a tooth that fell out awhile ago and with the holidays and everything, I messed up, I forgot to put the money under her pillow. The next day, I slipped it near her closet and pretended the Tooth Fairy must have Ben disoriented because it was so dark. She bought it. Close call.
She rediscovered that same tooth in her jewelry box two days ago and decided that she was going to put it under her pillow last night since she never truly redeemed her earnings on that tooth. Makes perfect sense, better late than never. She wrote the tooth fairy an adorable note and she had some questions that she wanted answered. She told me that it couldn’t hurt to ask and she would include a quarter for the fairy as reimbursement for taking her time to write HB back. Then she went on to make a little house for the fairy, with a bed and a chair and a dressing area.




I tucked her in to sleep later that night and went about my usual night. Cleaning up, emails, phone calls, lunches, laundry on and on. I passed out at 9pm with my clothes on and next thing I knew I looked up and there was my HB with tears streaming down her cheeks. “Mama she didn’t come, she didn’t read the note, I built her a house, she either forgot me or she isn’t real.” Then collapsed into a puddle of tears on my bed.

All I could think was, what kind of mother does something like this? All I had to do was slip five bucks under this kids pillow and a little note and I couldn’t swing it? What an a**hole. The award for shittiest mother of the week, maybe even the month, goes to 90210mom! Thank you, thank you very much.

The good news is I was basically a high school truant and I can lie like it’s nobody’s business when I’m in survival mode. I calmly explained to her that because it was an older tooth it takes the Tooth Fairy a day or toe to get to those teeth. She must address the newly fallen teeth first.
She. Bought. It.

Here’s our happy ending:
Last night, I typed a lovely note from our dear fairy begging for her forgiveness for being tardy, reminding her to brush twice a day and left $8 dollars because she is 8.
This morning I waited and prayed that it worked. She had the money and the note in her hand when she walked in to my room and was just staring at me. I didn’t say a word.

HB – “Mama did you do this?”
Me – “Of course not!”
HB – “Then she’s real!!!”
Me – “You bet she is.”


The Things I Am Thankful For – Part 2

22 Nov

Yesterday I wrote about the things I am not thankful for. Today, I’ll tell you a few things I am grateful for.

1. My health – If you don’t have your health, then money and possessions become worthless. Every time I even feel a little sick I remind myself that there are people living with chronic illnesses. They would probably give up everything just to feel healthy.
2. My 3 children – As much as I complain about the filth and exhaustion and vomit. I do realize how amazingly blessed I am to have been able to conceive my kids and have the opportunity to raise them in a safe place surrounded by people who love them.
3. My husband – He is kind, generous, a great father and he still thinks I’m smoking hot after 3 babies and 9 years of looking at me.
4. My Girls – What would I do without my girlfriends? I would probably be very lonely and getting into lots of trouble, if it weren’t for the strong women who guide me, love me and laugh with me.
5. The privilege of living in a country where I am free to choose how many children I want. I am free to choose my own government representatives. My husband and I are free to stay safely at home while American Soldiers defend us. I am free to write this blog and say what I want to say without the risk of punishment.
6. My family – I know that no matter what happens in life, I will never be alone. There will always be a member of the Gluck clan right around the corner….

Happy Thanksgiving!



Do Not Call Me A Mommy Blogger.

21 Oct

I had the chance to get out of town last weekend. All by myself. Yes, really.

There was a Conference for Women Blogger’s called Bloggy Boot Camp happening in Las Vegas. http://www.bloggybootcamp.com/ It’s put on by these fantastical women known as the SITS girls in different locations all over the country. I was invited to by my friend Alexandra of Beverlyhillsmom.com and pretty much everything she does is fabulous, so I said yes before even asking the husband. Oops. As it turned out he was totally supportive and sent me on my way. Even though he knew that the car is a scary place to be when I am unleashed on the open road. I have a tendency to listen to extremely
loud music and drive, well, let’s just say, I like to go fast.
All I really needed to hear was Vegas-Alone-Information about writing-Vegas-Alone, and I was so there!
It was a whirlwind of a weekend. I learned more in one day about the business of blogging than I have in the entire 8 months or so that I have been actually blogging. Throw in the dancing on the roof top of the Palms Hotel until 3am and it was a phenomenal trip. Ideal actually, I got to meet savvy and inspiring women who I learned oodles of information from. Then, I got to get stiletto’ed up, down cocktails and dance the night away. If I could find a way to fit my kids and husband into that equation, it seems like the perfect balance.

What I learned in Vegas last weekend: (besides the fact that in Vegas it’s never too early to smoke a cigarette or drink alcoholic concoctions by the yard)

1. Quite a few people who are not from Southern California think that I am joking when I say that I am from Beverly Hills and write a blog called 90210mom.com. I was asked more than once at the conference if I was REALLY REALLY from Beverly Hills. The second question I was usually asked was, do you know any celebrities.

2. Blogging is a serious Business and these Women mean business. I started blogging as a creative outlet. Well, that and because my Facebook posts were just getting way too long. Some of these ladies purely blog to make moolah and make it they do! I met women who became the sole providers for their family and then some. Their blogs have multiple editors, assistants, sponsors, campaigns, you name it, these blogs had it.

3. “The company you keep will determine the trouble you meet.”
Laurie Turk of www.tipjunkie.com
I’m thinking about tattooing these words of wisdom to my children’s foreheads. It applies in the business world and lord knows it travels in the social world.

4. “The loudest voice is just loud, not right.” also said by speaker Laurie Turk. I get opinion after opinion of unsolicited gems about my blog. Some folks are adamant about what I should or shouldn’t be writing. I am usually good at blocking the voices out. Occasionally someone gets to me and I ask myself, what am I doing? But what Laurie said rang so true to me. Noise is just noise, and everyone is entitled to an opinion. If you don’t like my blog then don’t read it. If you can do it better, do it.

5. I have been underestimating the power of Twitter.

6. Fake it till you make it – applies to the business of blogging just as much as it does to being a Mom. When I left the hospital with my first newborn baby I felt like an imposter pretending to be a real Mom. But I went through the motions until it felt real and eventually, I was a real live Mommy.

7. Profanity has consequences. I swear quite a lot in my daily conversations. I actually don’t find profanity that offensive. Apparently, the rest of the world does. So I need do be careful when and if I use it in my blog.

8. The last and probably most important thing I learned was that just because I am a woman and a Mother it does not mean that I work for free. I have value and if I am bringing money to you and your business than honey, it’s gonna cost you some money.



Comments always welcome, even LOUD ones….

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