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Keep Your Cards, Candy and Roses – Mother’s Day

12 May

Mother’s Day can be such a loaded day. All these flowery fuzzy expectations rolled up in a greeting card and overpriced roses. I am not a fan of pre-conceived, pre-planned holidays. I’m not a Grinch either. I go along with all the festivities and send out the requisite day affirming huggy emails, and I mean it too. When I say, Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Father’s Day, Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Day, Happy Valentine’s Day, I truly do hope that person has a great day.

The thing is, I know that the magic doesn’t lie in the planned days or moments. The hand scribbled crayon cards from Preschool are adorable, don’t get me wrong. I cherish every cement handprint and gooey gift these kids have ever made me.
None of it compares with the tiny random seconds that occur in the middle of an unmarked day. When my three year old daughter whispers in my ear, “Mommy, you are my bestest friend ever ever ever.” The way they look for me when they’ve lost me for a split second at a store and the smile they get when our eyes meet again. When my 6 year old sits next to me while I do my makeup to go to a party and asks if she looks like me in every way besides our green eyes. Knowing that I am the only Mother they will ever have, the exclusivity of that alone is magical. Well, magical and completely terrifying but thats for a different blog post altogether.

I appreciate a scene, a party, an occasion. I get the need to take the day, label it and color it special. I will not become a party pooper and I will never refuse to put my party hat on. But for me, the celebration will always be in my sweet quiet moments that are completely unlabeled and gloriously momentous.



Knee Deep in Cheerios and Chocolate Milk – But Not Alone

7 Feb

I ran into one of my good friends L.M. today at Coffee Bean. I had the twins with me and as they spilled $20 worth of chocolate milk on the ground, she asked me a question that I’ve been getting a lot of lately, “Why haven’t you written anything on your blog?”
My hair stylist, the pharmacist, the UPS guy, my Dad and now my friends all want to know why I haven’t posted anything here for a few weeks. My friend said to me, “You may not know this, but your writing makes me happy, I look forward to reading it.”

It’s interesting, I never seriously thought about it that way. That by sharing my ridiculous tales about the twins and the mini-diva, that I might be making someone else feel better. When I first started publishing this blog I really had no clue who would actually read it. I did know that it was therapeutic for me and I enjoyed writing again. When I actually started to have followers and subscribers, I wanted to be flattered, but I was also sure that it was a mistake. Now, when I look at my numbers and statistics, I get it, people are actually reading my blog. Crazy!

When L.M. told me that my writing makes her happy I realized why most people read my blog (besides my parents, they have no choice) it’s because they can see that they are not alone.
I might be writing from Beverly Hills but I may as well be in Boise or Birmingham. The feelings that a Mother of small children seems to experience runs true no matter what your geographical locale might be.

I know what you’re thinking, In Boise they don’t hang out with celebrities and attend catered 1st birthday parties for 400 of the toddlers closest friends. Maybe not, but what is the same is the desire to do right by your kids. The desperate need to make them feel safe and loved. The exhaustion and frustration at the end of a tough day alone with them. The fear that everyone else got an instruction manual on parenting except you.

I haven’t written in awhile because I’ve been waiting for the perfect subject to come to mind so I could publish a witty yet heartfelt post. Despite getting to that point, I’m posting anyways. Because I’m not perfect, my writing is far from it, and it makes my friend L.M. happy.

It’s nice to be back. I missed you guys too.



What To Buy A Beverly Hills Kid Who Already Has A Pony

19 Jul

My girlfriend JLO, yes those are her real initials, asked me the other day what I spent on average on a kid’s birthday present. I think a lot of Moms wonder the same thing. Here’s my take on the birthday party gift giving circuit on the Westside of L.A. – Average amount to spend :$40-$90.

There are a few determining factors when deciding how much to spend:

1. How well does your kid know the other kid? Do they have play dates?
2. Are you friends with the parents? Do you want to remain friends with the parents? You would be surprised how seriously some people take the sport of gift giving.
3. Is this kid one zebra short of owning their very own live zoo? Then don’t bother trying to impress. With these folks it’s the thought that counts. (unless your giving a zebra)
4. Some people abide by the amount spent per child on the party, is the amount that should be spent on the gift philosophy. I think this theory is plain ridiculous.
5. If the child is your child’s infanthood BFF your looking at a heftier price tag.

I would guess most families attend at least two birthday parties a month, and let’s assume they spend $50 on the present. Let’s also not forget that a lot of these people have more than one child. That’s right folks, we are looking at about $2400 a year in Birthday presents for children under 6. What are we going to give these kids for their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and Sweet Sixteens?!

I’m no Mother Theresa ( spare your snarky comments please) but I’ve been known to give gifts that put less emphasis on the toy and a little more on giving back. It was easier to get away with this when the kids were younger because they didn’t know any better. Now, they are all old enough to rip through the tissue paper and scream, “Hey, HB didn’t give a gift! Just a certificate with a picture of a kid on it!”
I think I’m going to start doing it more often and let the parents explain why they have one less Barbie doll, and instead a kid will have clean water to drink for a week.


What do you think? Am I depriving kids the thrill of getting a gift?


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