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Park Etiquette

19 Jun

Yes, there are rules.

1. Sand toys are for sharing. If you have a problem with that then don’t bring your toys to the park. When it’s time for you to leave and collect your toys, be nice about it. It’s a shovel and Pail not a Ruby and Diamond.
2. There is an unspoken time limit on the swings. When my kid starts flipping out after your kid has been on longer than 10 minutes, it’s time to pull your kid out. Remember, sharing is caring.
3. If a physical altercation takes place, proceed with the following steps:
a. If the kids are under 18 months old just ignore it if it’s a little push. They are barely out of the womb, cut them some slack.
b. if the kids are over 4 years old and about the same age, give them a minute to work it out themselves. You won’t always be there to protect your child so give them a chance to do it themselves.
4. Don’t discipline someone else’s kid. Unless you know the mother well enough to tell her that her kid has issues. Otherwise let the parent do the teaching.
5. If a child looks lost, don’t just stand there, help the poor soul out.
6. All food being eaten in plain sight of the other kids has to be shared. Unless it’s Red Cheetos, don’t give my kids that crap.
7. Automatically assume that any person with a Baby Bjorn strapped to their chest needs your help. I wore one of those things for a year and bending over to do or get anything is impossible.
8. Smile. We are all in the same boat. That boat is at the park, in the hot sun, chasing tiny lunatics through dirty sand.


What would you add to the list?


You Can Take The Girl Out Of Newport…

11 Jun

Yesterday, my sister SG, my husband, and I took the kids to the beach in Santa Monica. I haven’t always been crazy about the beach. I grew up in a beach town and spent plenty of time in the water and sun. I had a few surfer boyfriends and I was even a Junior Lifeguard until I refused to jump off the pier, but that’s another story entirely. When I moved to Beverly Hills in 2000, I wasn’t familiar with the beaches here so I just kind of stayed away. Besides I was too busy exploring the wonderful nightlife that L.A. had to offer me to make it to the beach the next day.
Now, that Sunset Blvd. has lost it’s glimmer, I think that my Newport roots are starting to show. The twins are 2 and they understand that the sand is not a snack, I think it’s time to get back to the beach. A few things this I seem to have forgot since I’ve become a big city Mom:

1. NEVER ever turn your back on the waves unless your on a board (especially while holding more than one child)
2. Put sunscreen on BEFORE you hit the sand. Otherwise you get a whole lotta complaining from the littles.
3. Explain to your small children what seaweed is before they get wrapped up in it for the first time. TR thought she was being attacked by an ocean monster and refused to go back in.
4. When your kid gets the crap knocked out of him by a big wave, make him go back in at least one more time so that’s not his last memory of the ocean.
5. Have fun! Some of the best memories of my life are with my siblings on the beach at Big Corona. I hope I can do the same for my kids.


Do you have any other good beach tips?


It’s Ilegal For A Reason!

8 Jun

Would you leave your 4 year old at home watching TV if you just had to run across the street for a minute? What if it was down the block? What if your toddler was sleeping and you had to go a few blocks to pick up your other kid at school?
I was standing in front of my 5 year old’s school talking to the other Mothers, while we waited for the kids to get out of class. My friend JL was complaining how she hates having to wake her two year old from his nap to come to school to pick up her Kindergartener. when one of the other Mom’s chimed in, “When my son was a baby I used to just leave him at home while I went the two blocks to get my older kids.” JL and I both just stared at her, blinking, trying not to look like we were shocked. Then another Mom in the group added, “I’ve done it before, but quickly of course.”
JL and I both gave each other a wide eyed look and I knew what we were both thinking….

I’m sorry, but has the whole world gone mad?! You can’t leave your infants and toddlers home alone people! I don’t care if you live just across the street or if your angel hates to be woken from his afternoon siesta. I don’t care if you have supersonic hearing and go-go gadget arms, do not leave your child home alone. I know how painful it is to wake a sleeping baby, I get how much worse it is still to wake a slumbering toddler. Is it not common sense that you can’t leave the house without your kid? What if there is an earthquake, a fire, an intruder? What if the one time you decide to leave is the one time your 2 year old decides to climb out of his crib and walk out the front door?

I am not usually the crazy ranting rule following safety freak Mom. I don’t gasp when my kids fall down, or freak out if they eat some sand. I even let them solve their own disagreements on the playground (unless blood is involved.) But this leaving kids at home nonsense is, well, nonsense. Be creative people, there has got to be another way. Take turns with another Mom in the neighborhood picking up the older kids from school. Ask Grandma or currently unemployed cousin Harold to stop by a couple days a week. For G-D’s sake nobody loves a sleeping child more than I do, but it’s just not worth it.


Have you done it? Would you do it? Am I being neurotic?

Raisin, Sand, Poop.

24 May

If I never hear the following things come out of my children’s mouths ever again that would
be fan-frickin-tastic:

1. Mommy is there poop on my leg?
2. Our fish (fill in the blank) is lying on his back and not moving.
3. I touched our fish (fill in the blank) and he’s still not moving.
4. Mommy have baby in her tummy?
5. Raisin in nose, uh-oh!
6. Sand tastes yummy.
7. Do I look sexy?
8. I used your Clarisonic facial brush to wash the whole shower!
9. Baby drink water from potty. Yummy.



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