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Merida Gets a Makeover – From Heroine to Ho.

21 May

Disney you have done it again. You have managed to find a way to add insult to injury in another Princess related situation. It’s not bad enough that all of the Disney princesses have teensy weeny waists and enormously buoyant breasts, or that they all have minuscule noses and perfectly pink pouty puckers.

But now, they have to be overtly sexy, seductive and sultry.

Case in point: Merida. The strong willed, bow wielding heroine from the movie Brave. Why couldn’t you guys just leave her alone? She was the best thing Disney had done for little girls since Mulan. They even messed that one up when they came out with Mulan 2 which revolves entirely around Mulan getting to marry her dreamboat Officer.

Very recently, Merida got a makeover of the HO variety. Instead of, “I am brave and will follow my heart,” her new message is more of a “Hey big boy you wanna get out of here and go to my place?”
Her hair is no longer a frizzy mop of curls, it is now smoothly cascading over her shoulders. Her waist has been made so small that if she were a real woman she would surely split in half. Her dress is exposing serious cleavage and way more shoulder. She is not wielding her signature bow and arrow in the new images either. After all, a male suitor might not find a strong independent woman attractive.

I don’t only blame Disney for making little girls feel the pressure to be thin, beautiful, and charming. I don’t completely blame Disney for making little girls believe that all they need to do is find a Prince and then life will be complete. After all, I am my daughters biggest role model, not an animated character. But, I would be a fool to think that the media and these fairy tale images are not making a mark on young girls despite what we do to counteract them. My 3 year old can name every single Disney Princess despite the fact that she has only actually seen the movie Mulan. These Princesses become ingrained in their psyches. As do the billboards of greased up underwear clad models on their knees crawling towards a man.

Yes, I am the parent.
Yes, it is my responsibility to decide what enters my house.
Yes, I realize that they can’t live in a bubble.

But, seriously Disney?! How about some social responsibility here? You should have left Merida alone. She gave me hope for the Princess race, she was a Princess I could handle.

Bring the real Merida back. I for one, think the vapid and defenseless new Merida totally sucks.


What do you think? Tell the truth, I can handle it.


Pin Me Up, Beam Me Up or Shut Me Up

15 Apr

Apparently, I am not your typical Beverly Hills Housewife, whatever that means?! So many judgements and stereotypes out there. Life is hard enough people, can’t we just live and let live?
Here’s my take on all of this:

I have spent most of my life pole vaulting back and forth between two extremes that don’t seem as if they could exist within the same person. I am either trying to live perfectly by the rules or breaking every rule possible.
It has taken me all the way up until now, this very moment actually, to realize that I am not truly one way or the other and I don’t have to be.

I am a nice Jewish Beverly Hills Mother of 3 who cares deeply about her children. I obsess over what they eat, how they feel, where they go to school, how they sleep, and most of all do they know how cherished and amazing they are? I buy organic food when I can, I sing lullabies in Hebrew, I make sure that there are clean Princess and Cars underwear to be worn every single morning of every single day by those tiny little tushies.

I also like to drive fast and listen to piercingly loud music. I have a definite weakness for pin up girls and that whole sub culture. I like tattoos. I don’t have any, but never say never. I have no problem swearing if it helps get my point across. I have recently discovered that it is not only okay to take care of my body inside and out, but it is necessary.
This part might be shocking to some of you- it is possible to be fun, sexy, flirty, smart, a mother and a woman all at the same time.
I won’t delve into where I think these limitations and stereotypes have stemmed from, we would be here all day for that, and I have kids to pick up at school in an hour.

I do my best to never break the law. I do my best to live by the ten commandments. I am also doing my best to have a happy, fulfilling and meaningful life. I do not have a Beverly Hills Housewife handbook and even if I did I highly doubt it would be on my nightstand.

If I break a few rules along the way or offend some people, that is something I can live with.


As always, feel free to comment, especially if I have offended you ;)


Raisin, Sand, Poop.

24 May

If I never hear the following things come out of my children’s mouths ever again that would
be fan-frickin-tastic:

1. Mommy is there poop on my leg?
2. Our fish (fill in the blank) is lying on his back and not moving.
3. I touched our fish (fill in the blank) and he’s still not moving.
4. Mommy have baby in her tummy?
5. Raisin in nose, uh-oh!
6. Sand tastes yummy.
7. Do I look sexy?
8. I used your Clarisonic facial brush to wash the whole shower!
9. Baby drink water from potty. Yummy.



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