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Slightly Dirty and Oh So Pretty

28 Oct

The locals seem to pay a hell of a lot of money to look beautifully disheveled. Most of the women are in tank tops, sweats and Uggs or flip flops. The catch is, the sweats are $300 from Kitson Malibu, the Uggs are only but one pair of 15 winter booties, and the tank top is actually a $150 Theyskens Theory camisole. The look for the hair is a similar one, messy, windswept, sun- kissed, slightly dirty and oh so pretty all at once. These ladies spend mucho moolah to look as if they just rolled out of bed all glowy and gorgeous.
Malibu is a super wealthy beach town, but it’s different than the beach town where I grew up. It seems like there is a big divide between the people who actually surf and have bonfires and live the beach life and those who like to look at the beach from their balconies without getting sand in between their toes. I can feel the difference between the two worlds when I visit there.

It’s different out here in Beverly Hills. BH women like to look done. They spend a lot of money on their clothes, hair and faces and they want it to seem that way. We don’t usually do the frumpy beach look and if we do get caught looking ferklempt, we make sure to mention to everyone how frumpy we look and all the excuses why. The big divide in BH is between the locals and the tourists, that’s pretty much it. You can tell the difference between them quite easily. The locals don’t have cameras around their necks and we don’t take pictures of our own street signs.

Wealthy Southern California towns divided. As a serious storm rips through the east coast, these are the things I’m writing about. I never claimed to be a journalist. I’m a blogger ;)



Can I Borrow A Quarter? My Life Depends On It.

25 Aug

This week I had all 3 kids home, no camp and no help until the afternoons. With all the whining, fighting and demands I should have been focused on sheer survival. I wasn’t.
I was thinking a lot about intuition and gut feelings. How do you know the difference between what’s truly meant to be and a craving? What if you don’t trust your gut, will you end up making the wrong choices?
I see my younger sister S.N. everyday. We pretty much talk about everything under the sun. I trust her opinions and we’ve been going back and forth on this topic all week. She strongly subscribes to the gut feelings, intuition, and just “when you know you know” theory. She also believes that if your talking about firefighters and a fire truck parks in front of your house then it must be a sign of some kind, and I’m not sure I would go that far.
I can clearly look back at some moments in my life and now recognize that all the signs were there telling me that I wanted one thing, and I still chose the opposite. Decision making is a delicate dance. I have made pros and cons lists pages long when trying to decide on a house or Preschool only to arrive at the decision that I have no idea what the hell to do!
I’m going to start flipping a coin. If I like the winning side then I have my answer. If I’m disappointed, then I choose the opposite.
Yup, there you have it folks. My future and the future of this family has come down to heads or tails.



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